Whoever Won, Their Marketing Worked

One rarely constructs a time capsule intending to open it only a few days later, but that is what I am doing here. I am writing this article (though you will see it later than that) on the Monday before the presidential election. I am doing the major editing to this article with no knowledge of who is the next commander-in-chief.

This is for two reasons. One, because I find it an interesting thought experiment to congratulate a person and not know who I am congratulating. Or even know the gender of who I am congratulating. And two, because it makes my words take on a different meaning depending on the outcome of November 8th, 2016—in ways I can’t even predict.

And so, preemptively, I say congratulations Mr. or Mrs. President. You ran a thrilling race. You overcame some serious adversity, controversy, and scandal, like seemingly all political candidates before you. And the marketing you used, sir or madam, was good. You did a great job of it. I am not a big fan of the mudslinging—no matter how easy it was to use against your opponent—but otherwise, I must congratulate you on your methods. I mean, it worked. And, at the end of the day, that’s what we want from marketing and what we want from you Mr. or Mrs. President: tangible results.

Deliver On Your Marketing, Mr. Or Mrs. President

What you did especially well, was you hit at the core of the personality race. You are an unmistakable figure now—if you weren’t already before the election began. If you were an animated character (which you have been on things like “The Simpsons”) I’d say you are an excellent example of “good character design.”

You are a distinct person. Like Obama before you, you are not a president we will ever mix up with another previous one. You left a mark on history just by running.

I live in Clearwater, it’s a more Republican state. We have gun shops. We’re Southern. And even still, I have no idea what this state feels about you. Oh, sure, the votes will reflect an opinion, but that’s not person to person. And with the number of people who don’t vote (which is a travesty) and who are too young to vote, I have no idea what we Floridians collectively think about you.

But, regardless of it, you might change America. You might redefine it. Twist it on its head. You might make us “stronger together” or “great again”.

Your marketing got you this far. Your savviness, intelligence, and charisma got you this far. And now you’re in the hot seat, one of the biggest chairs metaphorically in the whole world. We are all watching you.

So today. Tomorrow. The next four years. Possibly even the next eight, and for the rest of your life, in respect for all the responsibility you are taking on by accepting this role as the leader of this free country, we will call you:

Mr. or Mrs. President.

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