I Wanna Be The Very Best At Marketing, Like No One Ever Was

Are you walking around Clearwater looking at your phone? Are you in Pinellas Park searching for Pokemon? Are you at Clearwater Beach trying to get one with a CP of 500+?

Because we all are. It’s Pokemon Go. It’s the game that in a little more than a week at the time of posting is changing the world.

Who knew Nintendo would be the ones? In hindsight, I suppose it was obvious. They always were making the products that shaped so much of the gaming landscape—so why not the real landscape? It worked for Apple.

I’ll do what I tend to do in these articles: show you how this has some serious marketing potential. Because, when you already have this many people playing, and a built-in fan-base like Pokémon, we all stand to have a little benefit.

Are you a business owner per chance? Well, you could be a gym, now couldn’t you?

Let me break this down in case you haven’t already played. In Pokemon Go, there are locations called “gyms” and us Pokémon trainers are in a constant contest for ownership of them. Red team, blue team, and yellow team all seeking domination.

And to fight in these gyms, you have to get close to them. And it appears this was part of Nintendo’s plan all along. More foot traffic can equal more sales.

To Catch The Best Marketing Potential Is My Real Test, To Train At It Is My Cause!

It’s augmented reality, geotagging marketing. And Nintendo seems like it will be offering it to businesses soon. But even if you can’t get it personally, there’s still perks.

PokeStops and gyms are locations players are incentivized to go toward, and if you happen to set up…I don’t know…a food stand or something in that area, well, Pokémon trainers have to eat, now don’t they?

In fact, I think people are already doing this. Like I said, it changed the world in like a week. So maybe you should get in on it too.

Collect all the marketing potential. Catch all the customers.

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