Keanan Kintzel enjoys going to live music, and having the chance to see Billy Joel right on his doorstep was one he wasn’t going to pass up. Billy Joel is something of a musical legend. He had top 40 hits across the 70s, 80s and 90s, getting 33 top 40 hits in the US, which he wrote himself. he had six Grammys and was nominated 23 times. He is the third best selling solo artist in the US, with Greatest Hits Vol 1 & 2 being one of the top selling albums in the US.

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We get a lot of great music in Clearwater – we have regular performances every Friday in the park just on Cleveland Street from a mixture of local talent. Clearwater has connections with The Rolling Stones who wrote (Can’t Get No) Satisfaction after staying in what became The Fort Harrison Hotel. Juliet Simms from The Voice was based close by, as was her band Automatic Loveletter. Jim Morrison lived here with his grandparents and went to St Petersburg college.

You can find out about this and other great events by checking out our family friendly local search engine that was built specifically for Pinellas County: Wabamm.

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