Keanan: Kathy from CES live video. Yeah, we’re gonna
put it on Wabamm. We’re gonna do a 360., woah!

Kathy: Yes, Consumer Energy Solutions.

Keanan: Are you guys hiring?

Kathy: Yes, we are.

Keanan: You are?

Kathy: Hiring all all the time, yes.

Keanan: You have fun here?

Kathy: Oh yeah, we have a lot of fun. Stay tuned you’ll hear
an outbreak any minute.

Keanan: Check it out! CES. Tell us the website!


Keanan: Oh, yeah, check it out people. You want to work here !

Keanan Kintzel of Buzzazz, in providing business solutions for various businesses, gets to work with some great companies, and CES is one of those.

Consumer Energy Solutions has been in existence since 1999, and has been successfully carrying out its mission of helping customers get the best rate for electricity and gas in deregulated markets, as well as being very active in helping to improve their community.

If You Need Help Achieving Your Goals, Call Us Today!

Buzzazz, fulfilling its own mission, to provide cutting edge solutions that help businessmen thrive, has helped CES to get their message out to even more people.

The idea of providing help for people is a very important motivating factor for both companies.

When you are helping a company that truly has, as its purpose the helping of others, it is a great feeling to be able to help them attain their goals. You know that you are making people’s lives better, and the more you do to help companies expand that help people, the better you make your local community, and society as a whole.


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