By going out and about and speaking to people, you can find out a lot about an area. Keanan Kintzel has his business, Buzzazz Business Solutions, on Cleveland Street in Clearwater, and he frequents a number of the different shops up and down the street. He also supports a lot of local initiatives and events designed to improve the area and uplift the community.

A lot of people do see the problems that the street suffers from, but they also see the good things that are happening in the area as well. It is all about striking a balance between handling the former and flowing power to the latter, which is much the same as you are going to find in any area.

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By helping businesses to do better in our local community, it makes it easier for those business owners to contribute in a meaningful way to the betterment of the area, and it is a very natural impulse for business owners and people in general to want to help. The better the community does, the better the people that are members of it will do. Everything that Buzzazz Business Solutions does is based on this idea of helping people, and over the years, since its inception, that is what it has done – whether that be with marketing, advertising, websites, print media, or training solutions, Buzzazz has always sought to help businesses and business owners succeed.

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