Keanan: So, hey, Marco how you doing?

Marco: Excellent, man.

Keanan: So, tell me what you love about Buzzazz.

Marco: Wow, what you don’t love about Buzzazz? Best marketing company in the world.

Keanan: And tell me how you met Buzzazz.

Marco. Because of it’s amazing owner.

Keanan: And tell me what you used to do for the Dodgers.

Marco: I was the manager of their campaign for two years.

Keanan: Nice, for the LA Dodgers?

Marco: LA Dodgers.

Keanan: The guys who just got second place in the World Series?

Marco: Yep.

Keanan. That’s awesome. Number two! Number two!

Keanan Kintzel talks to Marco Victorino, who used to be the marketing manage for the LA Dodgers, a team which has won 10 National League Championships and five World Series rings, and probably need no introductions.

He has a very positive attitude, and is very determined, and he achieves the goals that he sets himself. We want to help other businesses to do this.

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Buzzazz Business Solutions specializes in finding the solution that is going to help your business attain the levels of success that you have always wanted. If you want to be a heavy hitter, like The Dodgers, then you need someone with more than just a great pitch who can play the role your company needs them to – Buzzazz is that player.

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