Keanan: So, the reason I think America is awesome, still is it’s like a giant incubator of
innovation and ideas, where creative entrepreneurs come, and I’m not sure exactly why, but it just still seems ripe
for that, and you know it makes it a fun place to figure out business and play the game, and there’s still enough
openness – not too many rules. I mean there’s a lot of rules, but there’s still enough room to play and create, which
makes it an exciting place to live and do businesses. Is that why you came to America?

Marco: That’s the reason. Yeah, that’s the reason. We have the opportunity; land of the opportunity, my friend.

Keanan: So, you came all the way from Colombia, South America, to come to America without speaking English, because of opportunity?

Marco: Yes, opportunities.

Keanan: And you still think it’s possible?

Marco: Ah, it is. You know it always will be.

Keanan: So, you made multi millions of dollars in California?

Marco: Yes.

Keanan: And you’re doing it again now?

Marco: We have started doing it again.

Keanan: And you still believe?

Marco yes I do.

Keanan: America!

Marco: Yes!

Keanan Kintzel has been in business for a long time, and has helped numerous businesses to improve their statistics and achieve their business goals. You have to believe that there is the opportunity to expand you business, and in America that is still definitely true.

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