Keanan: Tell them what you think about Buzzazz

Joe: Okay, alright Buzzazz was actually the first company when I when I came here, when I opened the new branch of my
company did my first website. I loved it and this is a great team of people, that are fun; they’re hard-working, and they’re on time, you can call in, and now not just web development and design and marketing and now business solutions. And I’m excited … really excited about Buzzazz, because I’m going to be actually piloting a curriculum course on public speaking right here, right? With Eric and Keenan. So Buzzazz is actually being responsible for a lot of the efforts in the community so their intent and I can tell you, their purpose is to see that businesses grow; that they become prosperous and they can work together to help them achieve that success.

Keanan Kintzel of Buzzazz Business Solutions helps a lot of local businesses. One of the really important things about helping local business to thrive, is making sure that there is a really strong community there. Businesses have a purpose to help people, and they also want to help each other. Creating a zone where people know that there are great shops with great products and services available to buy is essential. Business owners in an area may face similar challenges, and can be helped with good practical advice and solutions, which is what we specialize in.

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With this in mind Keanan Kintzel and Buzzazz often host complimentary networking events with great guest speakers such as Joe Yazbeck. Joe is the Founder, President, and CEO of Prestige Leadership Advisors, and has worked with heads of state, leaders of major corporations, political candidates and best-selling authors. He is also a best selling author in his own right, having written a book called No Fear Speaking: High Impact Presentation Skills and Public Speaking Secrets to Inspire and Influence Any Audience.

If you have any questions about this kind of event or any of the other services that we provide, please contact us immediately on 727-443-7300.


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