Keanan Kintzel as a businessman is trying to help local businesses and the local community, and a lot of the motivation for this to to help friends and family as well. If you come up with ideas and business solutions that actually help all these groups, then you are really onto something.

Help is the key – everyone that goes into business, on some level is trying to help. They may look at it as initially helping themselves or their family, but in order to sell a product or a service, that product or service must satisfy a need that a customer has. The greater the degree of satisfaction, the more you have helped that person.

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Conversely when someone goes out of business or a product doesn’t sell well, on some level it is not satisfying a need; it is not helping.

Buzzazz Business Solutions really does identify the need our clients have, and helps them by answering that need. In our local community we created Wabamm, a local activity search engine designed to make it easier for families to find things to do, whether it’s Easter, Thanksgiving, or Christmas.

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