Keanan: Okay, here we are, what do you think honey?

Keanan: Indian shores coffee best coffee on the beach

Doria: Coffee Time

Keanan: You guys ever been down here? Cute place. What did you get? An Espresso?

Doria: Yes.

Keanan: Oh yeah. What do you like about this place, honey?

Doria: I like how it’s done.

Keanan: The muffins?

Doria: It’s so charming.

Keanan: I kinda like the muffins. Home made. Ooh, look at that. Whoah, whoah, look at that. Okay. I like to
smell them; I don’t eat them. Coffee’s great. What else do you like?

Doria: Oh, I like the service. Super nice.

Keanan: Friendly.

Doria: Very friendly.

Keanan: Let’s say hi to them. Say hi.

Guy From The Black Crow: Hey.

Keanan: They’re awesome here. Great patio.

Doria: Yeah. It gorgeous.

Keanan: Anyway, right on the beach, Indian Shores. If you’ve never been down here you definitely should.

Doria: Oh, you should.

Keanan: You can work too. Oh yeah, I’m gonna flip it around.

Doria: No, it doesn’t work.

Keanan: It doesn’t flip? OK. Let’s turn it around on us. Let’s go sideways. Whoah!

Doria. No, it doesn’t work. It does? OK, we’ll try. This is their coffee. You know what I like?

Keanan; Yeah? Tell me.

Doria: I like the … all the details. You know? Like they have, even in the bathroom. Can I show you something?

Keanan: No, not in the bathroom. That’s silly.

Doria: Look – there is – every corner has something special. Like, it’s so, so well thought out.

Keanan: It makes you relax just being here.

Doria: Yeah.

Keanan: How do you do that when you’re on caffeine? It’s very unusual.

Doria: I don’t know.

Keanan: Sure, see you later.

Keanan Kintzel is always on the go, and always looking to help local businesses and the local community. One great thing about Buzzazz Business Solutions is that we regularly help business owners to achieve their goals, and this helps their businesses improve, and this raises up the community, which makes it better for everyone living there.

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It doesn’t always have to be complicated either – it can be as simple as getting word out there that a place has good products or really great services. Anyone that tries to sell you on the notion that they are doing something that is beyond your ken, is generally over-complicating things. There are things that we know how to do from years of experience and developing our expertise in certain fields, but one of the important things that we want to do is better educate business owners, and therefore better equip them to run their businesses.

If you run a business and you want to achieve your business goals, but need some help, please contact us immediately – we look forward to being able to help you!

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