Keanan Kintzel knows that there is plenty to do in and around Pinellas County, because he travels around a lot and helps a lot of different businesses. He also developed Wabamm, which is a local activity search engine, that is designed to provide a positive and family-centric searching experience. Wabamm strips out the negativity that you can encounter when all you want to do is to find something for your family to do on the holidays or the weekends.

Searching For Something? Go To Wabamm?

It was built specifically for Pinellas County, and has proven to be very popular with local residents and business when they are introduced to it. For businesses you get to promote your listing in a very positive environment; and for parents looking for something for their kids, they have that same safe environment to look around in.

A lot of businesses in the local community are looking to promote themselves to families, because families are who buy their products. Wabamm is for these businesses and these families – and it is free to register and free to list. So, if you have been looking for the perfect to promote your business, or to find something to do – go there.

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