If you have had any involvement with the internet in your life then you are familiar and know what a domain name is, whether you know it or not. A domain name is the name for an IP address that connects to a specific server or computer where files are stored for a web presence. The reason domain names were created in the first place was because it is hard to remember a long set of numbers, such as Let’s face it we already have to remember enough numbers in our life just to function on a day-to-day basis. You have your social security number, pin number for your bank and passwords to email accounts, and computers. The list just goes on…

There are only two main factors you should take in consideration when deciding on a domain name for your company. The first factor should be your company name. It is important to have your company name in your domain. The second factor should be the main product or service you offer your customers, for e.g. James Auto. James Auto is the company name and the main service they provide is auto repair. So a good domain name for this company’s web presence would be jamesautorepair.com.

Next step would be to check if this domain name is available. Here is a domain availability checker. In this case the domain name is not available. For this example we would go on to the third factor, geographic location. For this example they are located in Gainsville, FL. Since it is an auto repair shop we can get a domain name with the town in it. In the auto repair industry you will not find many people traveling great distances when their car is broken down, or about to break down. We will look up the new domain name for availability, jamesautorepairgainsville.com.

Remember not to make your domain name to lengthy for it will be hard for someone to remember it and find you.

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