SEO Agencies in Clearwater – Why We Work

This is going to be a short and sweet article about SEO from a Clearwater based Advertising and Business Development company.

Why?  Because SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is a complex field that doesn’t make sense in terms of how it works for most.  Personally, I think that is exactly the way Google designed it, so they don’t have to be forthright about the ever changing criteria one needs to follow in order to ensure that they are doing it properly.

SEOSo, what is SEO and why should you bother with it?

This is essentially the engine that makes your car run, and if you don’t have a running engine, there is no way you are getting anywhere in a hurry.  That’s the basic reason why you should hire someone who can do it properly, or learn how to do it yourself from places like or Google Webmaster Tools.

These are two of the most authoritative sources for everything about Search Engine Optimization.  Now, bear in mind that it is likely in your best interest as a business owner to hire an Advertising Agency to do it for you, because you will run into countless ideas and theories that have little substantiation and may very easily become confused.  Oh, and it is a long process doing current and previous research.

Do you really have that sort of time on your hands?

Give Buzzazz a call, and we will happily help you understand as much of why this is important as is possible, and what you can do for yourself.


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