Steve Jobs was a man of ideas, and the things that he created at Apple changed the playing field; actually altering the way that we used our phones, and the way we accessed our music and what our computers were used for. With no Jobs there it is as if they cored the apple, and the latest products are little more than low hanging fruit turned windfall.

How is it in any way a leap forward to create a phone that is slightly bigger? It smacks of pandering to a captive audience rather than actually trying to be a game changer and win over new people with something that is actually interesting. Perhaps we have to expect a fallow period as that seat which was warmed by Jobs thoroughly cools off and expectation dies down enough for someone to come in out of left field and actually produce something that catches us unaware. Apple isn’t really embodying the idea of “Think Different” at all at the moment.

Elon Musk seems the most interesting thinker out there currently – someone who is not afraid to think big, and is trying to lift the gaze up from the handheld device to the stars again.

Spacex is working with NASA and has actually made vital deliveries to the space station. They just got a billion dollars from Google and Fidelity to expand their plans for providing free internet as well. There is talk in the future of a manned space flight to Mars. Musk wants to go places, and he wants to take us with him.

Tesla, Musk’s electronic car company made the schematics for their car open source last year. He is planning on huge gigafactories for reducing the cost of production for the electronic cars he manufactures. He is trying to not just sell a product but to change the landscape and the way we think about cars.

Add to this the Hyperloop, a conceptual high-speed transport system Musk is talking about, and you have a man that is not afraid to put his money where his mouth is and think big.

We need more people like Musk – and the next Jobs needs to step up to the plate as well. Apple may be on a downswing, and personal computers may be ready for a sea change that is going to wipe out the dinosaurs.

Are you going to be hitching a ride with the big thinkers, or are you going to be stuck downloading the latest app on your slightly bigger phone?

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