Advertising Pinellas County’s Local Heroes | Tarpon Springs

Let’s talk about advertising the heroes in our lives that we don’t even acknowledge. Tarpon Springs gives us today’s story, and is one that I think we can all celebrate.

Sure, they get commendations infrequently when they hit certain landmarks and milestones in their careers, and they occasionally get mentioned in awards acceptance speeches, but these are the people who spend hours with our children and do the little things that make them happy, healthy students.

One story pops out, and while she has made the news on Bay News 9’s website, she deserves extra credit here too.

Tammy Steffen helped one of her colleague’s students stop choking. Ileana Duncan deserves plaudits for knowing to get assistance when the situation was out of her control and beyond her ken to solve. These are the heroes that we should celebrate.

How often do your children go through things, whether choking like Cameron Lawrence, being bullied, getting injured at sporting events, or anything else where the teachers and coaches who spend half their waking hours with are the ones to keep a level head and help them when we as parents are unable to do so.

Teachers especially do not get the commendation they deserve, in my mind, so let’s promote this story and advertise the impact they have on our children’s lives.

They deserve it, don’t you think?

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