Advertising Protection For Computers Is A Big Business: But Not Big Enough Apparently

The “WannaCry” virus’s name is apt for the reaction it’s likely to cause in its victims. As I keep saying, all the time really—like a looping song—the world runs on technology, and cannot function without it anymore. So, when a virus shuts down computers and holds them hostage, lives go on hold. And, the result, at least somewhat, is advertising for people to have the latest software patch.

Almost like it’s a conspiracy. Because tech companies and anti-virus software providers can now shift their advertising to being able to prevent the attacks of ransomware like WannaCry. But, not only that, it also lets Microsoft tell people they need to, for their own safety, update their machines to the latest software.

Which sways those annoying holdouts.

Some people dislike Windows models above seven, but this virus ensures those people will never let an update linger. This applies to businesses as well.

Or, those burned will go to Apple. Which is an advertising boon for those guys.

But, with that all aside, the biggest result of this is just the focus thrown on how ill-prepared the world is for a big nasty virus like this. And not only with larger firms, but individually. How many understand how a computer works beyond “it runs on binary,” and “it uses code,” and “turn it off and on again to fix it”?

Not enough, not nearly enough. And to top this all off, clearly, not enough focus is on protecting data. It’s telling when the defeatist attitude is: you will get hacked at some point, or a catch a virus. Apparently, there’s no stopping the rampant march of evil hackers. Not even the white hats can stop their hungry search for data.

This is apathetic. And, forgive me for saying, not workable—and not right. The world of medicine did not sit down and say “well, looks like the bubonic plague is going to get us forever now. We can’t stop it,” so why would technology do the same?

Advertising Products To Help Against Current Attack Methods Isn’t Enough Anymore

Sure, hackers are always trying to get past our security as a technologically endowed race—I’m not denying that part—but advertising for solving the newest problem isn’t enough: we need more forward thinking than we already have. People who hack to steal, people who make things like the WannaCry virus—which ruins lives and companies—are criminals. Pure, flat, criminals. Bank robbers elevated by thicker balaclavas and bigger guns, trying to take from much, much larger banks.

And, however we can, like with our police force for real life crime, we need more security digitally. Viruses work as automated, self-spreading attackers. So, to fight such fire with fire, advertising (and development) from tech companies should not only focus on defensive measures, but aggressive measures.

And I realize this is all very demanding. Asking a lot from other people. But, it is necessary. And, to do our own part—me included—becoming more tech literate is an act of safety. Like learning martial arts for self-defense. Because being connected to, and reliant on, a device that a single person could shut down and hold ransom—without even being in the room with you—is too destructive a practice to allow to continue in any form or on any scale.

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