Asclepius – The Greek God of Medicine

Keanan Kintzel and Asclepius help the world liver healthier lives

Helping More People Live Healthier Lives

Keanan Kintzel health professionalism

We Locate The Area’s Best Healers





  • Executive Style Strategic Plan
  • Digital Advertising
  • List Building
  • Correct Marketing Buttons & Messages
  • Demographically Targeted Audience
  • Email Drip Campaigns
  • Re-Marketing
  • Asclepius APP Integration
  • Make the “Good” Medical Professionals Well Known


  • Use Power of Google, Yahoo, Bing, Youtube & More
  • Build a MASSIVE target audience list
  • Attract Your Target Audience Patients With Correct Messages
  • Isolate and optimize your demographics
  • Repeated messages increases response rates
  • Asclepius APP Automates Responses, INCREASES CONVERSIONS
  • Receive leads via text, email, spreadsheet and database
  • Help local people live healthier lives

I’m Now Getting More Prospects Than Expected…



and Expanding Our Practice!”


  • We consult with you to know your exact prospective patient profile  
  • We put together a paid digital strategy on how to find them
  • We utilize cutting edge tools to maximize your ad spend
  • We create standardized ads to attract strong interest
  • We manage your various search & social campaigns
  • We monitor, tweak and send statistical metrics 


  • Successfully reach your target digital demographic
  • Your targeted patients see your ads
  • We re-market to those same patients
  • Large numbers of patients clicking your ads
  • Weekly reports to monitor campaigns  
  • Asclepius maximizes potential results

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