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The Truth About Google Review Reputation

Google Review Reputation 101 If you have been alive and participating in society to any degree than your have heard of one of the biggest tech companies called Google. It started out as a search engine and has in recent years had it’s hand in most tech advances & products. Google is great in many ways, however when it comes to a specific task; the removal of reviews that violate their policy they are not so great. We have had a fake review posted on Google about our company and have followed all the necessary steps to get Google...

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Hurricane Irma – What Most People Overlook

Massive Category 5 Hurricane Irma 2017 If you were alive in 2017 then you heard of the notorious Hurricane Irma. It was one of the biggest, well-formed, feared & nastiest hurricanes that anyone has seen. It’s devastation was massive and is still affecting a large number of people in the Caribbean and all of Florida. It is a type of natural disaster that doesn’t just affect you for one or two days as it passes over. It was a super hurricane so big that it affects some people for the rest of their lives. I have lived in Pinellas...

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Clearwater SEO Company

Clearwater SEO Company What is SEO? Why is it talked about so much in conjunction with the internet and websites? Well SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is actually a lot simpler than most people make it seem. It is presenting the web pages of a website in the format that Google and other search engines like. It is making sure that they follow the specific guidelines that they are looking for. You are not trying to trick the Search Engines. You will be penalized sooner or later for using methods that attempt to do so. Buzzazz...

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Apple iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7

Apple iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 If you have been keeping up with phone technology recently then I am sure you have been aware of the battle that has been going on between debatably the two biggest tech giants in the world, Apple & Samsung. Both companies sell their products worldwide and have a very wide array of technology and electronic products. The one niche I want to talk about here is their cell phones. Whether you are a Samsung lover or a die hard Apple user there is on thing we have in common, and that is we...

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Why I Voted For Donald J Trump

Donald J Trump Marketing Genius It is 2016, and for America that means a new presidential election. This has been obvious to most people in America because the presidential nominees have been all over the news, and media outlets. Our country was founded upon the idea of “freedom and justice for all.” This is why it is so important for every American citizen that has the right to vote, to go out and vote for the best candidate. So before I go into the reasons why I have personally voted for Donald J. Trump I would like to give...

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