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An Interview With Brandon Scott

Brandon Scott Has A Compelling New Book Out! Brandon Scott has been writing for a long time, and as part of The Buzzazz Editorial Team he wrote a lot of really great articles. He has recently published his first book, and has taken his writing to a whole other level. We wanted to catch up with him and find out more about how he approaches his art, and what inspired him to begin the journey in the first place. How and when did you get into writing? I feel like most professional writers have this as an answer, but I...

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What Does The Collapse Of Dialogue Mean For People?

That Old Blue And Red Divide That Has Been With Us Since Rome The first thing to ask is whether there is a collapse of dialogue. Survey the evidence of the number of bipartisan conversations that don’t descend into name calling and actually prove to be fruitful and you may readily reach for this conclusion. Look at the number of Democrats and Republicans willing to cross the aisle and not vote along party lines in order to make the government work in the way that it was designed to work, and that may be the sad notion that comes...

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From Arya Stark To Daisie – A Collaborative App For Artists

Collaboration Over Competition Is Daisie’s Philosophy It is always a great thing when someone takes their own success and parlays it into helping others. Who better than another artist to understand what  it takes to go from obscurity to fame, and who better to understand the difficulty in sometimes finding people to work with you on your project? You see from the jobs you get and the way projects assemble themselves that there is a real benefit in networking and collaborating, so finding a good way to do that in the virtual sphere – it makes sense – is...

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Where Are You At?

What’s Your Job Title? What Is The Date? What’s The Time? Do you know where you are? Do you conflate this job that you are doing with the last one you were at, or maybe some long ago job that this one reminds you of? That can’t be much fun. Carrying all that baggage, and having to wade through that at the same time as you are handling all the curveballs that the current job throws at you can get you not wanting to help anyone. Take a look around you. What do you see? Even if you’ve been...

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Relationship Marketing

How Can You Help People? When a lot of people think about a great way for them to generate leads they are often imagining some super complex system with a whole bunch of complicated levers and buttons that must be pushed, metaphorically speaking that is. The more complex it gets, the harder it is to confront. When you try and comprehend the scope of this machine that you have Frankensteined together out of every sales program you have ever had any dealings with throughout your life you want to run in the other direction. Wabamm, The Pinellas County Website,...

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