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Author: Paul Grimsley

The Drama Of SpaceX And The Zuma Load

It’s always interesting to watch any of Elon Musk’s projects because he likes to take on the larger problems that are out there in the technology field and find effective solutions that help as many people as possible. A reusable rocket has been something that has been needed for a long time as a way to make the whole enterprise more efficient and more cost effective, and though it is undergoing some teething problems, as all ambitious projects must, it is still inspiring. When the national rocket program was shuttered before, it really felt like a defeat, and that...

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Community Service Foundation Patron Regions Bank

Being able to afford somewhere to live is vital, whether you are by yourself or have children – you need a home to live in. Sometimes people need some help to be able to do this, and the Community Service Foundation is one such non profit organization that does this. It works with low income families to ease the cost of finding somewhere to live, which is often priced too high for them to be able to afford. A lot of businesses are very active in making sure that their communities are doing well. The impetus to help local...

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Check Out The Lack Of Checkout With AIPoly

A new system is being tested that can track your progress around a supermarket and make sure that you don’t have to wait in a line at the checkout to pay for it. Amazon are working on something similar, this being the thing that partially influenced the purchase of Whole Foods, whose 365 stores were designed along similar lines, where people could just grab what they wanted and the electronics in the store tracked the activity. Given how easily devices can be set up to talk to each other, how far away are we from totally eradicating the checkout...

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Vuzix AR Glasses Are Apparently What Google Glass Wanted To Be

I like to think of myself as someone who is interested in technology, and that if given the opportunity I will hook myself up with the latest tech, but sometimes I fail to see how a thing could really be of much use in my life. Perhaps that is my failing, even if you could argue that it is the companies failure to capture imagination. Smart-watches were one such thing – they kind of reminded me of calculator watches from back in the day, and they were only useful to me because I was in High School and needed...

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2018 Brings Healthier Donuts For Dunkin Donuts

Who wouldn’t want a job title like Manager of Doughnut Excellence? That’s what Ron Golden gets to call himself. In an age when  people are becoming more and more health conscious, and fast food has suffered repeatedly for the perception that it contributes to bad health and the obesity problem in the country, selling fast food is not as easy as it used to be. You either have to just embrace the fact that the food you are selling is unhealthy and go along the whole comfort food route, or you try and change something fundamental in the ingredients...

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