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The PR Religious Bias as an Artform

The PR of Prejudice in Religion Lets chat about the PR of religious bias, shall we?  Everyone has it, and it is different for everyone. I am going to pick on one major institution of new media now.  In previous posts I have commended them and defended them and have generally taken a lenient approach to their content publishers’ and editors’ prejudices.  However, now I will say there is a line that needs to be halted.  Not for my sake.  Not for any individual’s sake.  But for the sake of peace and happiness in our society. The Huffington Post...

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Marketing the “Best in the World”

Xavi’s Marketing “Best” in Football spawns needless fighting I understand that American don’t like football (soccer).  I also know this is changing, as soccer becomes more popular through the US Women’s National Team and the Men’s National Team.  As well as the importing of over-the-hill professional top tier footballers from other countries a-la David Beckham, David Villa, Thierry Henry, Frank Lampard, Robbie Keane et al. But let’s take this most recent controversy over who is the Best Footballer in the World, or Best Footballer of All Time. It started in Qatar (which isn’t really a footballing nation) and their...

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Advertising The Donald’s Problem

Advertising the First Presidential Debate and Mr. Trump’s Achille’s Heel Last night was the first debate for presidential candidates, and while both campaigns had strategies for advertising what should be considered a win, lose or draw for each candidate, I think the common consensus, is there was a clear winner and a clear lose. Who sets these messages and makes these determinisms?  The mainstream media of course. I know that the media gets a bad rap, and with good reason in many regards.  However, we as a country have ceded authority to the media to set our conversational agenda and given...

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Continuing Education – Digital Advertising

Continuing our Digital Advertising Education One of the topics in Digital Advertising that can never receive enough information and publicity if that of linking.  Everyone has a different idea of what linking actually is, and has a number of interesting (in my opinion, some are shite) articles about it. Webmaster Tools gives us a fair bit of information about it, but no real determinism about why some links are penalized and others are not. There is only hypotheses about why linking is good or bad, and because I am nothing if not game for speculative debate and you...

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Advertising Prejudice in Politics and Life

Advertising Ethnic Prejudice in our current Environment Slick Willy has made a life as a career politician, so when he speaks to the nature of the political spectrum I believe that he probably has a valid perspective. Last night he went on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah and gave an interesting perspective about how the political divisions in the United States of American have shifted.  He believes that the country is more specifically divided per political party that it was in the 2000’s. President Clinton also made the observation, at 1:30, that I feel is particularly poignant that,...

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