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The Marketing Of Books

People Read – So How Do You Sell To Them? When was the last time you read a book? I don’t mean any judgment with that question: it’s simply to illustrate a point about marketing. While a television show, or a movie, can take only an hour or two to get through, books cannot—by their very nature—do the same. And, yet, people read. Statistics show rises in that, not falls. But that does not mean that individual books sell well. The number of new novels coming out every single day, let alone every year, is insane. So, in that...

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Advertisements And Art Are Subjective?

Advertisements are a type of artwork, but are advertisements’ worth subjective like other pieces of artwork? With regards to groups and individuals like Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB, online reviewers, and art critics, people sometimes have an issue with others trying to rate art. They argue it’s subjective, a matter of taste. And, they are right: techniques are codifiable, but not artistic expression’s impact. Because if we could codify that, then we would have perfect movies, books, songs, paintings, poems, etc. We would also have perfect advertisements by now. But we don’t. We don’t, and we can’t have such a thing....

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Marketing To The Right People: Cat Or Dog Person?

Are you a cat or a dog person? Which do you prefer, and how did we get to the point where people apparently fall into one of those two camps? And well I may not have a ready answer on why those two pets became the staple, it has a good parallel to marketing.

And that is for you to know your customer base. Your demographic. Sure, people do not actually fall into only two boxes, no matter how many analogies we throw around. Humans are much broader than that. There are two types of people: the ones who fall into a binary box, and the ones that don’t.

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Advertising Better Security: WannaCry’s Harsh Lesson

The “WannaCry” virus’s name is apt for the reaction it’s likely to cause in its victims. As I keep saying, all the time really—like a looping song—the world runs on technology, and cannot function without it anymore. So, when a virus shuts down computers and holds them hostage, lives go on hold. And, the result, at least somewhat, is advertising for people to have the latest software patch.

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Promote Against The Goat: Superstitions And Sports

As previously established, this article’s author does not know much about sports. But, as a player of various nerdy games of luck and skill more commonly engaged with within the confines of a basement, I understand—easily—how a superstition can affect a player of a game. And what I’m going at today is superstitions promote, they are promoting. As a mindset is no small part of an outcome.

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