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Marketing Star Wars Episode VIII: Not The Last Success

Here we go again, the newest Star Wars trailer. The Last Jedi. Five million views on a single post on YouTube (at least by April 17th, 2017). The collective view count on all the videos, I’m sure, stretching into the billions. And we are not even close to the actual release yet. The rebirth of Star Wars is, and will continue to be, a massive phenomenon which will stretch for years to come. And, it is a perfect illustration of great marketing tactics and the effects of the self-perpetuating machine referred to as “hype”.

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PR: Even The Internet Has It

The point of many of my articles is to give attention to the effective and positive PR certain groups manage to garner through clever methods. And, I’ll also, in most of those same articles, talk about the fringe potential or active controversies of those same effective PR methods. Well, now we are on the big one.

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