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Marketing To The Right People: Cat Or Dog Person?

Are you a cat or a dog person? Which do you prefer, and how did we get to the point where people apparently fall into one of those two camps? And well I may not have a ready answer on why those two pets became the staple, it has a good parallel to marketing.

And that is for you to know your customer base. Your demographic. Sure, people do not actually fall into only two boxes, no matter how many analogies we throw around. Humans are much broader than that. There are two types of people: the ones who fall into a binary box, and the ones that don’t.

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Promote Against The Goat: Superstitions And Sports

As previously established, this article’s author does not know much about sports. But, as a player of various nerdy games of luck and skill more commonly engaged with within the confines of a basement, I understand—easily—how a superstition can affect a player of a game. And what I’m going at today is superstitions promote, they are promoting. As a mindset is no small part of an outcome.

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Promote We Don’t Eat The Cute Animals

What we promote is sometimes not willful. Because our actions are often promoting something whether we explicitly are in favor or against the implications of the action. This has plenty of examples, spreading across moral, ethical, political, and economic subjects. But, here, in this case, I’m talking about cuteness.

Yes, cuteness. You read that right.

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PR And Animals, They Have It As Well

Now, we, as humans, if you consider our species an “animal” (I mean this in the definition sense, not trying for a philosophical argument about souls and “personhood” or anything here) are the masters of our environment. And despite our ability to bend the world to our whims if we want, we care for our fellow animals like we owe it to them.

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