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PR: Even The Internet Has It

The point of many of my articles is to give attention to the effective and positive PR certain groups manage to garner through clever methods. And, I’ll also, in most of those same articles, talk about the fringe potential or active controversies of those same effective PR methods. Well, now we are on the big one.

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Advertising Good Health

Everyone wants to be healthy—if the advertising around the internet is any sign. Though, that logical inference was obvious without a banner ad to confirm. But the controversy over what is and is not healthy is so raging and so fraught with pitfalls that we have conflicting answers to the simple question of what will help us live longer.

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Branding and Fashion: A Stunning Mix

In the modern world, we are a part of branding. We, the people living in modern society, shout our spending habits and brand habits to the world without saying a single, solitary syllable. You, the person reading this, are saying, are promoting, a brand right now, almost for certain. Unless you are the most generically dressed person in the world.

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