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Over 10,000 Projects!

Our Executive Team

Keanan Kintzel

Keanan Kintzel


Mr. Kintzel has been an avid marketing enthusiast since the mid 80’s and has been instrumental in keeping Buzzazz on the leading edge with the digital marketing revolution.  His experience over the past few decades includes operational and sales expertise within the telecommunications, nutrition, retail and marketing industries.  Our company’s main goal of helping businesses and communities thrive with successfully proven business solutions, has evolved out of his passion to help others with hard won knowledge.

The business world is changing at a very rapid rate, it takes a lot of hard work to succeed in any arena.  Helping others achieve their dreams and goals is the foundation of Buzzazz and a motivating factor for Mr. Kintzels drive.   He graduated from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and Arizona State University with focused studies in business and aviation.  Both still life long passions.



Kurtis Kintzel

Kurtis Kintzel

Chief Executive Officer

Kurtis’ passion and purpose is to help businesses expand. Although Indiana University was an important educational stepping stone, Kurtis cut his teeth by selling Kirby vacuums, airplanes, sun glasses, etc. Once into corporate America, Kurtis, as the VP of Sales of an insurance company, took production up to 800+ new customers weekly. He later started, built and sold a telephone company that reached 3,000+ new customers per week, has helped Buzzazz procure 10,000+ customers, and hosts the Midwest Baseball Championships with 10,000 attendees annually.

Kurtis’ adventures, outside of business building, include skiing the Swiss Alps, surfing the North Shore of Oahu, rock climbing at Joshua Tree, being a Chicago Cubs fan, parachuting Arizona, salmon fishing in Alaska, Broadway type plays in London, New York and Sydney, and many others, but none are more gratifying or important than hanging with his wonderful wife, kids, family and friends. If you want to expand your business, use a firm that has statistically demonstrated their competence in the acquisition of new customers, use Buzzazz.

Erik Bayersdorfer

Erik Bayersdorfer

Director of Client Training

As an integral part of the Buzzazz executive leadership team, Mr. Bayersdorfer brings a wealth of experience to Buzzazz and her clients.  He has been specializing in coaching his entire life. As an elite college athlete, he understands what it takes to compete in today’s modern world.  His coaching of top athletes now transcends into the coaching of top business executives, owners and their staff.  His resume and pedigree in this area is unmatched.

His leadership and passion for helping other businesses thrive transcends all of his activities.  At Buzzazz he intimately oversees the core area of our expertise – sales and management training.  As an expert business coach, Erik takes great pride in helping anyone in the world of business that is wanting to lead a more organized, effective and productive life.  His results are stellar and virtually unmatched in this arena and he would love to hear from you anytime you are in town.

Hear an actual testimonial about Erik “Throughout my years as a business owner, I have worked with a number of consultants and business coaches. And , while I’ve been incredibly blessed to have some great coaches, Erik is undoubtedly one of the best! Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable about how to implement processes and systems that will improve your business operations, he is also a coach that genuinely wants to help you achieve all your personal and professional goals” -Inc 500 Business Owner

History Highlights

Helping American Commerce Since 1987

Buzzazz was incubated in a 3,000+ orders per week telephone company owned by the Kintzel brothers in the 1990s.   Although they were actively engaged at that time with their telecom company, they had the foresight to envision the early advantages of playing a game within the wonderful world of the web.  Their early inspiration came from the frustration of being able to locate decent local web design vendors. After spending close to ten thousand dollars on a few websites for themselves, they decided to start their own company to offer a better service than what they were able to find.  So like many ventures, Buzzazz began with a simple decision to build a better mousetrap and then offer this service to other business owners as a tool that could help them expand as well.

Prior to launching Buzzazz, the Kintzel brothers had started their business careers together in 1987 directly out of college with the help of their Father selling airplanes throughout Southern California.  Those early days turned out to be very educational for them as they went on to launch and build a ten million dollar per year telecom company called Buzz Telecom/Business Options.  Their telecom company was licensed throughout the United States as a “Switchless Long Distance Carrier”. It had a similar purpose to provide quality telecom service to small, medium and large Corporations such as “Tootsie Roll” in downtown Chicago and across the nation to help the businesses have more money for their bottom line.

Kurtis decided to start this venture with his family and friends with the purpose of providing large U.S. corporations (such as Tootsie Roll) located in downtown Chicago with a very important product – cost effective quality communications.

He launched this venture on a shoestring, with the moxie of a Wall Street CEO and a simple written strategic plan. Several of Kurtis’s closest friends and family members joined him in this adventure and most certainly all of their lives were better off for the efforts put forth.

After an early academic career at Purdue University, Kurtis completed his business studies at Indiana Universities Business College in 1987 for the wild world of California Entrepeneurship – Kurtis Kintzel rapidly moved closer towards his goals of owning his own business. He had decided at an early age that he was not going to settle for a mediocre life.

Having a very competitive and well traveled childhood that was filled with solid studies, adventures and organized athletics; Kurtis excelled in mathematics, business, snow skiing, swimming, fishing, basketball, aviation and direct sales as well as team sports like football, basketball and baseball. These areas of excellence would of course provide a perfect leadership background for building and running his own business ventures which he has now done for over two decades since the late 80’s.

The impetus and business ownership mentality for Kurtis and Keanan Kintzel’s entrepreneurial nature stems directly from their own competitive upbringing along with their families successful history in private business enterprises.

Their mom built and operated one of the largest direct sales organizations which has been responsible for literally Billions of gross sales since the 60’s and is a Who’s Who for American Businesswomen. Her business spirit was indoctrinated at a very early age from her parents who owned and operated a family corner grocery store in North West Indiana for well over 40 years. Like many other Americans, the Kintzel’s great grandparents came over from Europe at an early age casting off all ties for – the big adventure!

To the left is a picture of Keanan Kintzel with the Kintzels mother and step father (Purdue and Indiana Alumni – certainly makes for a house divided…) – a very well known Northwest Indiana Dentist who has been practicing in the area for over 50 years and has recently opened yet another facility as he reached his 80’s – a truly inspiring story of dedication to one’s craft for us all.

The Kintzel’s father is another genetic link to entrepreneurship – Purdue University Aeronautical Engineer, Navy F8-U Fighter Pilot, Vietnam Veteran, Top Gun Pilot and Boeing DC-10 American Airlines Captain – their Dad developed a very successful secondary career within the Direct Sales Industry and continues to consult and work there within. Their Dad likes to reminisce about his 1st business venture which was the purchase, raising, feeding and nurturing of a state fair blue ribbon pig – that of course was slaughtered for a nice little profit…

Kurtis and Keanan Kintzel’s paternal grandparents (Purdue Alumni) were successful school teachers, farmers and option traders in an Amish community of Indiana just outside of South Bend – home of Notre Dame University.

Keanan’s grandmother was forever threatening to marry him off Amish – but Keanan apparently had other plans.

Their Grandparents were again direct descendents of Germanic European settlers that helped create the magnificent farmlands of the midwest partially responsible for “feeding” the wild west expansion of this country.

The Kintzel’s Uncle, Aunt and cousins (More Purdue Alumni) continue to operate one of the oldest and most successful family hardware / natural gas supply businesses within Indiana.

All of this small business history instilled a basic foundation of quality customer service – a vital necessity for anyone wanting to survive and have longevity – the small market businessman’s cornerstone is always service.

Along with this tremendous business and direct sales success, the Kintzel family has now also enjoyed a long love affair for Aviation. Kurtis learned to fly light planes and became licensed at Purdue Universities prestigious Aeronautical School.

Keanan continues to fly general aviation light twin engine aircraft today even though opting for a career in business. A graduate of ASU’s Aeronautical Technology Department and having spent a couple years in Prescott, Arizona at the prestigious Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) becoming a licensed pilot, Keanan has not totally lost the bug for flying while many of his fellow students at ERAU and Arizona State University have moved on to stellar careers with the military and commercial airlines.

During the summer of 1987, after finishing with Indiana University Business School obligations and prior to Founding Business Options, along with his brother Keanan Kintzel who had just graduated from the Arizona State University Business school and his father Craig Kintzel a recently retired American Airlines Captain, the three Kintzel’s combined their business strengthens and created another family business in Southern California.

American Aircraft Sales was launched by the Kintzel’s with an office located directly at John Wayne Orange County California Airport. It was in a small office on the John Wayne airport tarmac where the Kintzel’s started there aircraft brokerage business and made sales across the country. On occasion, Kurtis and Keanan ferried aircraft across the country.

Several other small business adventures helped lead the Kintzel’s to eventually establishing Business Options / Buzz Telecom; such as oil and gas developments, direct retail sales & management, insurance brokering, import / export, mortgage refinancing, etc.

The Kintzel’s varied & successful background within the world of direct sales provided a tremendous “launching” pad for their activities. Even today as we move into 2011 – Keanan and Kurtis Kintzel continue to work together expanding a very successful Internet Marketing company they founded together in 1999.

As far as they are concerned, there will always be a need for the American entrepreneurial spirit that helped them assist hundreds of thousands of American businesses and consumers save money for the valuable commodity of communications. As long as they are able, they will continue to help the American economy continue to lead the world in productivity.

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Over 10,000 Projects!


As most social people will probably agree, anyone in this great country striving to accomplish anything of note will run into various hurdles, barriers and obstacles in their path to success. This has been true for Abraham Lincoln, Steve Jobs, Donald Trump, Henry Ford, The Wright Brothers and more.  And it has also been proven true for Kurtis and Keanan Kintzel.

If someone searches online, they will find both positive and negative items in nature.  From 1987 to 2005, the Kintzels enjoyed a lot of success as they built their 10 million dollar a year enterprise.  They started out selling airplanes in southern California with their retired father, who had been a Top Gun pilot and American Airlines Captain.  From airplanes, they evolved into direct sales of other merchandise and products.  From 1992 to 2006 for almost fifteen years they successfully sold large volumes of telecom services as a nationwide switchless long distance carrier.  At one point, their enterprise consisted of helping consumers with low cost long distance telephone service, real estate brokering of homes on contract for those with credit troubles, and digital marketing for businesses.  With the 2005 beginning of a large recession that affected most of America, it also had a deep impact upon the Kintzels business too.  As the world of telephone service transitioned to cell phone technologies, and the implosion of the real estate markets, they made the decision to focus on their best asset which was helping other businesses expand through digital marketing.  Buzzazz has and continues to help thousands of businesses with their marketing needs.

During that recession and transition period of mid 2000’s, there was great turmoil throughout America and the rest of the world.  The Kintzels were not immune and negotiated out of their real estate holdings and sold their telecom client base too. Unfortunately, some of the real estate relationships and the Telecom buyer decided to not honor agreements (written copies are available as needed) and failed to pay key vendors and suppliers which created a very bad effect for all.  Fortunately, their former telecom clients service of long distance was easily absorbed by local telecom companies such as Verizon, Pacific Bell, etc.  The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) and various state Public Utility Commissions (PUC), like most government organizations, survive through some type of company or personal or service taxation or “volunteer funding”, which in essence is quite the same thing.

During that downturn in the American economy, in the mid 2000’s, the Kintzels successfully negotiated a handful of regulatory affairs issues such as FCC funding settlements, PUC arbitrary and mostly erroneous allegations, state attorney inquiries, criminal employee behaviour, and a legal victory with the Federal EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission), the group that enforces laws related to discriminatory workplace practices.

Its funny how people react during difficult times.  When the years of production were booming, there were very few negative issues to contend with.  When the economy tanked and times got a bit tougher, it became apparent that certain personalities like to receive something for nothing. We call them criminals. In the end, these criminally bent and libelous and slanderous in nature former employees, looking for a quick and “free” buck, with their erroneous and misguided feeble attacks, lost.  Last checked, none of the former criminal employees were doing well.  Go figure.

Its true that a few bad apples can spoil a whole bunch.  This is exactly why the Kintzels have decided to clean house, implement better employee screening and training methodologies and help more than ever before.  Just because we live in a cynical world filled with too many nefarious lawyers and frivolous attacks by unscrupulous beings, it is not a good reason to close up shop.  In fact, the correct thing to do when faced with attacks is to simply flourish and prosper.

And that is exactly what Buzzazz and the Kintzels have done the past ten years.  They flourished in childhood, as young adult businessmen and throughout their entire business careers. Their current plans dwarf anything and everything they have accomplished to date.  Stay tuned, the training and technologies they have created and implemented into their services, along with their strong purpose to help other businesses thrive are creating new ways of helping others succeed that will help President Trump achieve his overall goal of Make America Great.

It is an unfortunate part of the internet that people and organizations and news outlets are allowed to put forth a mixture of sometimes verified and sometimes not verified truths and lies.  And sometimes in an unverified manner or without appropriate response.  We see this now more than ever, and whether you agree or dont agree with President Trump, he definitely has a valid point about all of the current “Fake News” being put forth by the media merchants of chaos in an awkward at best attempt to sell more ad revenues.

Since graduating from Arizona State University and Indiana University in 1987, Keanan and Kurtis Kintzels purpose of helping businesses and communities thrive has never wavered.  While pursuing this objective over the past three decades together, quite an accomplishment in itself, they have certainly encountered their share of success and failures.  As most people can attest, the road to one’s dreams is normally strewn with a variety of interesting stories created along the way.

If you choose to do a Google search for Buzzazz or Keanan Kintzel or Kurtis Kintzel, which we highly recommend, you will find both negative and positive items to view.  If you would like some additional information, probably the best place to start would be with the about us page on this website along with phone calls to either of them, you will find they are highly accessible, easy to communicate with and very helpful to boot.  And if you have any attention on what others have written, they will happily provide their side of the story.  The adventures of building businesses might not have always worked out as planned, but for sure they have proven they can stay the course.

Since 1987 the Kintzels have employed thousands of productive American citizens, sold & delivered millions in various services, and strived to make society better wherever they could. As time marches on, the good works that our company and executives and owners have done, will continue to be celebrated whenever deemed appropriate.

Kurtis Kintzels lifetime passion for helping youth baseball as a coach and tournament organizer ( is well documented.  He has assisted thousands of midwestern youth achieve some of their athletic dreams.  Some of his former athletes are now enjoying collegiate and professional careers.  Not only did Kurtis Kintzel help these kids with their sport, he also constantly educated them on the potential travails of drug abuse.  He consistently and generously provided the materials to his teams and tournaments with the sole purpose of helping the kids grow up without the negative effects of a drug induced life.

Keanan Kintzel has always had a philanthropic bent.  While a member of Phi Delta Theta at ASU, Keanan was House Manager and Chairman of Philanthropic activities.  That particular year, even though PDT members were normally known for athletics, they also brought home the inter fraternity trophy for philanthropics.  Whether fundraising for the repair of the Statue of Liberty or educating fellow citizens on various issues at hand, if you probe very far you will easily discover that community involvement is at the top of his priority list.  He is an active member of Concerned Businessmen’s Alliance of Tampa Bay, the Clearwater Chamber of Commerce, The Cleveland Street Business Alliance, The Downtown Clearwater Development Board and an active member of his church donating large amounts of time and money to social betterment campaigns.  One example is which helps educate society on the travesty of human trafficking, copyright infringement, etc.

We are here to be of assistance to you.  Thank you for taking the time to review our information.  If you would like to talk further, please give us a call at 727-443-7300.