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Jordan Peele’s Comedy Gold, to Oscar Gold

In 2015, Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele ended their Comedy Central series Key and Peele after five seasons of work and success. In the comedic community that means a lot for any actor. Especially minority actors. After, Jordan Peele has been working on more projects. He has been seen on Modern family and heard on the popular animated comedy Rick and Morty. But the real evolution is his activity behind the camera. We see a primarily comedy oriented actor most times with Jordan. The former Mad TV cast member has always had his hand in laughter. What we don’t...

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Pinellas Dog Parks

Dog owners in America are becoming more and more protective of their fur babies than ever before. Sometimes helicopter parenting can be seen as a bad thing, but it hard to argue with those big black eyes and wiggly tongues. Florida is a warm state with almost constant outside weather. Dogs need to stretch their legs and there is more than one way to do that. Dog parks are a fun and usually free venue to get that experience. But is it really worth it if you go to a small place and there are no friends for your...

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Sushi Scene in Pinellas

A long time ago, the idea of eating uncooked food made some people curl over.  The original sushi in Japan was actually just vinegar rice preserving fish in ships on the sea.  Flash forward to 2018 and raw fish, or sushi, has become so “in”, its difficult to imagine a different time.  The hardest thing about finding quality sushi is probably location. Florida has an amazing advantage in that they can bring you actual fresh fish at a price you can afford.  So where can we go?   Chains have been around forever but that doesn’t mean they are...

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