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Newsletters Resurgent?

With A Newsletter You Have A Captive Audience That Has Opted In There has been an interesting shift away from personally curated websites to Newsletters in some sectors of the creative community; a return to something that once used to be a staple of internet life. Sometimes old forms get passed over for the newer shinier object, and while it does things the old format didn’t do, some of the things that old format did are still desirable and useful. Newsletters and their subscription lists constitute something of a walled garden (a gated community), and represent, for the professional...

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Sherlock And The PC

Benedict Cumberbatch Issued An Effective Apology Language can be a minefield that it can be really difficult to navigate. It is easy while attempting to highlight an issue to become the issue yourself because your words are not as carefully chosen as they could be. Benedict Cumberbatch is currently being knocked around by the politically correct police who seem perfectly happy to take a comment out of context and use it to attack someone. You might call it a storm in a teacup, a non-issue, more a gaffe than actual racism, but the column inches it has garnered means...

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Unboiling Eggs And Cancer Cures

How do you sell a cure for cancer, or the promise of one? How do you sell science? You would think that some of the amazing discoveries would sell themselves, but it isn’t always the case. When there has been a long track record of making promises and not delivering, people grow more than a little blase about the whole hoopla surrounding a possible cure. Show me something is the cry of the day. Impress me, is the demand. So the scientist has to become something of a showman – he has to entertain. The scientist has to get his PR in and he has to advertise his product. So, what do they give us to get our interest? They give us the fact that they have found a way to unboil an egg. When an egg boils all the proteins get tangled up in it in a more disordered form – this has, up until now, been a set unchangeable thing, but they have found a way to pull apart the proteins and rearrange them into their original shape. A similar process of cellular entropy takes place with cancer – proteins misfolded into useless shapes that it has been hard to reverse. This process developed by Gregory Weiss is quick to do and should simplify and cheapen what it normally takes a huge investment to pull off with...

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Cool Stuff

People making cool stuff attracts people who want to buy cool stuff, and therefore people who want to fund the development of cool stuff. Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter have been used by everyone from your independent comic producer for things like Rocket Girl to Spike Lee working outside the studio system to make the films he wants. You have to work your own PR, and figure out the best incentives to get people to donate. It’s a process. Ben Templesmith, the artist on 30 Days & 30 Nights has funded several projects through Kickstarter. Sure, he had a considerable following before, but there are enough people who have come out of nowhere and had real success with the system, that it has more than proven itself as a means for getting those projects which might have ended up in the slush pile or on the cutting room floor produced. Most independent artists have to wear several hats when it comes to promoting their own work – they produce it, they write copy for it, and then they have to market it. Sites which have a built in audience that allow you to pimp your product and fund it make the whole thing a lot easier, but there is still a learning curve. Promoting your work to get noticed – to give just enough material to get people interested, but not...

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Streetnet – Information Wants To Be Shared

SNet or streetnet is one of those jury-rigged miracles that you occasionally find in places where mainstream technologies have failed to penetrate. Now spanning a network that includes 9000 computers, stretching across Cuba, in five years SNet has grown and has a regular traffic of 2000 computers logging on daily. It provides connection for Cuban youths who have been denied internet access through a combination of Government restriction and ridiculously high prices. Since the recent talks between the US and Cuba, the hope of reform promises to change the playing field, so this innovative solution to what was an...

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