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Author: Paul Grimsley

Clearwater Web Design

When it comes to Clearwater web design that is going to make you seem as bright and aesthetically pleasing as a bird of paradise, we are the people you need to speak to. How the site looks isn’t the only thing that you need to concentrate on though, and we are also experts in fine-tuning how the site performs – you want people to be able to find your website so they can look at it and see what you have to offer. We know how to do this – how to give your site the heart of a...

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Clearwater Website Design

People get lost in the jungle – everything can start to look the same after a while of running around in there. What you need to help you navigate and make your Clearwater Website Design really work is someone who can hack through the undergrowth and lead the way. We are equivalent of a highly trained bushman in the jungle – we know how to do more than just cut it; we know how to survive well. We can look at a stretch of the internet jungle and we can tell you the best paths that people use to...

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Web Design: The Bare Necessities

Web Design – Don’t Make People Think Baloo would make a pretty good web designer – he would be in agreement with a lot of the things that Steve Krug, author of Don’t Make Me Think has to say about web design. Keep it simple, don’t make people think – just stick to the bare necessities. What is the message that you are trying to communicate? It’s probably something simple right? You started your company to help people improve their nutrition, or you wanted to help people find the right home, or you want to provide a reliable recovery...

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The Jungle VIP

The internet can sometimes seem like a bit of a jungle – how do you get to be at the top of the tree? What part does original content play in that? And what is original content? Everyone remembers that scene from Jungle Book where King Louie wants to get the secret of fire from Mowgli – he wants that power. Louie wants to walk and talk like the guy who is making it happen. When you see someone who has a great website that is doing what it is meant to be doing, don’t you want that too? Are you tired of monkeying around with a website that does nothing for you? When you look at a site that is doing it right, it has great flows, and high traffic, good hit rates, and a lot of interaction with the people who are landing on the site. You want some of that magic for yourself. How do you go about getting it? Everyone is looking to drive people to their website, but not everyone knows how to make that happen. It isn’t just a case of copy and paste and change the names; parroting what you read on another site and just changing the window dressing so that it looks like something you created. No, you want to be giving the person who comes to your site something...

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Social Media – At the Watering Hole

Not everyone gathers at the same social media watering hole, and the choice of watering hole is going to depend on how the person consumes the data which streams into their lives in a constant unending flow. You want to have a bit more choice and be able to roam freely around the different gathering places and target the herds there, so your own dissemination tools will likewise have to be a little more varied. Twitter, as an SMS analogue, has a lot of parallels in the way it organizes data with how people who spend a lot of...

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