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Author: Paul Grimsley

Sold On The American Football Field

By no stretch of the imagination could you call me a sports fan, and the amount I know about American Football could fit on a pinhead. I had a San Francisco 49ers t-shirt when I was a kid; I knew about The Refrigerator; I had watched Mean Machine with Burt Reynolds; I’d read Vanity Of Duluoz about Jack Kerouac’s college football days; I caught some games on Channel 4 in the UK where it was shown at 2 in the morning with all those other sports that the English viewing public considered fringe sports. So, last night I went to my first Superbowl Party, and it was great, and it was something totally different to anything I have really experienced. My feeling has always been that Americans know how to celebrate better than the English – I always remember things being a little reserved in the UK; of course there are exceptions, but the only event that really stands out for me was the Silver Jubilee in ’77. Bonfire Nights were pretty passe and apart from the usual bangs and light displays you would expect didn’t really do much for me. The first sporting event I went to was a Ray’s game, and after picking up what was happening with the baseball game it was fun, but even before that rudimentary understanding of the rules and the plays the...

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How Do You Spin It? Selling Records

How as an artist do you protect you work in an age of record leaks and film leaks, and illegal rips? Bjork answered by releasing her album ahead of schedule. This is the downside to what should be a system that actually empowers the artist rather than ripping them off. It’s not a new problem – it is one that has gone through various iterations since the advent of home-taping … probably even before then when someone could copy onto their reel-to-reel or eight track. People spend all day copying each other libraries, and it is unlikely that there are many people who haven’t, at some time or other wanted to get a track or a book before it was released and just illegally ripped it. How do you justify it? Well, you’re sticking it to the man, right? Screwing over corporate America? Rage against the machine, and all that. It’s not that you have a sense of entitlement and act like a demand feed baby throwing its rattle out of the pram when someone actually suggest you should exchange your labor, time and money for the things that you want to own. You know you can’t walk into the supermarket and walk out with a loaf of bread and not pay for it, but music and books and anything else you can gank from some fileshare site is...

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Bruce Sterling at Ted Talks on Design Fictions

Bruce Sterling Marketing Speech at Ted Talks on Design Fiction, Storytelling When you are trying to sell something you often role play in order to see how a prospective customer might react to the pitch, and to anticipate what objections might be presented to you. Why? So you will be able to provide an answer that assuages the concerns they have. What about when you are designing something? At the concept stage, before you even mock it up physically, why not tell a story about it? It was an interesting idea thrown into the spotlight by Bruce Sterling, a...

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Newsletters Resurgent?

With A Newsletter You Have A Captive Audience That Has Opted In There has been an interesting shift away from personally curated websites to Newsletters in some sectors of the creative community; a return to something that once used to be a staple of internet life. Sometimes old forms get passed over for the newer shinier object, and while it does things the old format didn’t do, some of the things that old format did are still desirable and useful. Newsletters and their subscription lists constitute something of a walled garden (a gated community), and represent, for the professional...

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Sherlock And The PC

Benedict Cumberbatch Issued An Effective Apology Language can be a minefield that it can be really difficult to navigate. It is easy while attempting to highlight an issue to become the issue yourself because your words are not as carefully chosen as they could be. Benedict Cumberbatch is currently being knocked around by the politically correct police who seem perfectly happy to take a comment out of context and use it to attack someone. You might call it a storm in a teacup, a non-issue, more a gaffe than actual racism, but the column inches it has garnered means...

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