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Author: Paul Grimsley

The Birds are Singing in the Trees – Tweeting

Twitter: Talk To The World In 280 Characters Do you have a Twitter account? If not, why not? Most people have heard of the elevator pitch – being able to sell your product in the time it takes the elevator to get you and your prospective client to whatever floor you need to be on. Well, the tweet is a condensation or text version of that. You can generate interest in what is happening with your company and instantly communicate in a way that doesn’t take too much effort on the part of you or the consumer. 140 characters...

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Seeing the Wood for the Trees – Using Offers An Interesting And Aesthetic Means Of Collating Information reframes a familiar experience. Do you remember when you used to sit down and read the morning paper? All your news collated for you in a nice portable format that was structured so all the really important and salient data was easy to find, and all the less important data was relegated to those pages you never got round to reading? Paperl.i taps into that without even bothering with the stuff you aren’t interested in. How many links or stories do you miss as they scroll past on...

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