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Concept Cars Over Cookie Cutter Blandness

Innovation In The Automotive Industry I have to admit that cars don’t really interest me – or modern cars don’t; classic cars are a different matter … each one of them, especially now, given their age, are works of art that people have poured a lot of love into. At some point, I think somewhere around the nineties, Computer Aided Design started to become more and more prevalent and the technology seemed to kill something in the imagination of those working on any and all vehicles. If you stripped a lot of modern cars of their badges you would...

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GMOs – PR For A Problem Product

GMOs and the people who make them are not a good thing according to a lot of people, and Monsanto, in particular, are not objects of affection. Is it just mismanagement of their Public Relations at fault, or are they doomed because the products they are attached to are just not good for people? If what you are selling is garbage can you really polish said turd? Agent Orange, DDT, GMOs, and Round-up – all are linked to health issues, environmental damage, and huge legal battles and lobbying that have run roughshod over people who want nothing to do...

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Self Sufficient Artists And Merchandising

The Name Sells – Artists And Brands How do you react when you see a product that has the name of a musician or actor on it that you like? Do you think, wow, that’s kind of cool? Does part of you wonder whether the artist themselves had anything to do with the development of the product line, or do you just write it off immediately as a sell-out? Attitudes seem to be changing, and it is only the old dinosaurs who rear up at the whole taste of the commercialism. It is a double-edged sword though and one that has to be wielded carefully, but if you think about those who have nailed merchandising in the past and what it has allowed them to do, then it might not look like such a bad idea to you after all. George Lucas, because of the multitude of ways in which Star Wars was a money-spinner, was able to put out the second trilogy of films he made without studio interference, because he had the money to throw at it. You may not like the films so much, but just imagine if every artist out there had that much of the capital their work generated and could afford to make the kind of work that they were interested in making, wouldn’t that be cool? Kristin Hersh funds her own concerts...

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Everyone Loves Metrics

Tweets And Facebook Likes For The Popular Kids Everyone is into metrics these days – even your not-bothered daily tweeter, Mr Average Joe Facebooker, and intermittent blogger anonymous. Every single person wants their posts to be read – even those guys who write about writing for themselves and not caring what their imaginary audiences think of them. If you weren’t trying to communicate and wanting people to listen, then why would you be using such a public forum to, as you are claiming, effectively speak to yourself? You post to be interesting; you write to be heard; you are funny to be laughed at. No one wants to be shouting into an empty room. The only sin in a social media world is to be uninteresting – your currency in an attention economy is derived from creating interest. It means that a lot of people are getting more savvy in what they put out there, even just on a personal basis. Creative people up the production values, and the means to do that are widely available for people. You can track how popular what you said was – it isn’t like those days of wondering whether people are listening or liking your contributions, you can easily pull up statistics that prove it. How many friends do you have? How many people liked your wall-post? How many favorited tweets or...

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Mockingbird Sings Again – Harper Lee’s PR

The PR Around To Kill A Mockingbird Just because you haven’t been working on your social media presence, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have one, especially if you are noteworthy for some reason. This is true just as much in the real world as it is with your online presence, and nowadays the two often intersect. While you are happy in your isolation the gossip mongers and the water-cooler theorists are coming up with countless conspiracy theories about why it is that you haven’t actually been out in the world talking about yourself for the longest time. Privacy isn’t what it used to be, and someone who is so guarded has to have something to hide, right? Reclusive writers beware – if you haven’t put out anything in quite a while, and then a manuscript, thought missing, suddenly turns up, then either its authenticity or your ability to make a decision regarding its publishing maybe called into question. Harper Lee, famous for her novel To Kill A Mockingbird wrote a sequel that is soon to see the light of day called Go Set A Watchman. The initial flurry of excitement was followed by a debate over whether the author, who hasn’t been seen much in public, actually made the decision to publish, or whether it was some opportunistic bid to cash in on her by some unscrupulous third...

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