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Re-shooting Movies Is Suicide

Suicide Squad Reshoots May Kill It Dead It’s funny how decisions get made on some of these big blockbuster movies – and the way they get treated really does make them seem more like product than pieces of art, which must be a really disconcerting experience for the director. This is of course a rumor, that Suicide Squad had million dollar re-shoots ordered to lighten its tone after less than favorable reviews of Batman Vs Superman and its super-serious mood. This is kind of odd given that Christopher Nolan’s Batman wasn’t particularly humor-filled, and the Frank Miller work which...

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The Role Of Fictional Presidents

There Are Some Fictional Presidents We’d Rather Vote For Presidents get judged in many ways, and the expectations we place on them, and the criticisms we level at them, aren’t just based on the records of their contemporaries or their predecessors. We see qualities represented on the big and small screen that we wish were represented in real life candidates. Fictional presidents and the ideas they represent give us a framework to explore the office of presidency that often transposes the hardships of past presidencies into a more contemporary setting, and then with some analogs of an existing President...

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Panel Syndicate As A Publishing Model

Panel Syndicate Offers A Way To Get Work Out There & Get Paid Radiohead lead the way in music – offering their albums up for download with a choose your own price model. Panel Syndicate are doing a similar thing with comics. It seems to be working, but why? Is it because people can pay whatever they like for quality products or is it the names that are attached? Radiohead were a stadium rock band before they decided to break the mold; and Brian K Vaughan, with Y The Last Man, Ex Machina, and his producer role on Under...

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Black Holes, Gravity, And Reality – Making Science Interesting!

Science Should Be Exciting! An experiment carried out by scientists at ANU into the quantum behavior of particles appears to suggest that reality doesn’t actually exist until we start to measure it. The Hubble telescope just took snaps of the largest black hole we have seen thus far. And those gravity waves that quantum theory predicted? They just observed them. Now, science can be pretty exciting when there are things like this being discovered, but one problem it has always suffered from, at least for some people, is the fact that how it is presented it is as dry...

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Apple Vs. The FBI

Apple Are Making A Stand That Affects Everyone Apple taking on the FBI is making news, understandably. Could this be the defining moment for Tim Cook, Apple CEO? Just a good business decision to side with the consumer and the protection of their privacy, or a more far reaching and inspiring act of defiance on this new frontier of civil liberties? Well, it kind of gets to be both. Apple, always known for innovation, arguably hasn’t done anything truly out there and innovative since the passing of Steve Jobs, but this action is a game changer, and could represent...

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