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Author: Paul Grimsley

The Rolling Stones, The Fort Harrison, and Satisfaction – Clearwater Connections

Satisfaction: Clearwater Rock ‘N’ Roll The song is 50 years old, but it has aged well: Satisfaction has inspired a lot of musicians, and really crystallized something in the Rolling Stones sound. It’s a great rock and roll story, one that has had legs for years, and one that gets Stones fans pretty excited. Keith Richards is a legend for many reasons, but the thing that underpins it all and fuels all those other rock and roll exploits is the music – particularly his ability to turn out those amazing riffs that drive the Stones music. They were always a little less safe than The Beatles, while the Liverpool group wanted to hold your hand the Stones were out trawling for Brown Sugar. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction was pretty pivotal for Mick and Keith and the rest of the world, and it has a Clearwater connection. The story goes that the song was written here in The Fort Harrison Hotel, now a religious retreat for Scientologists the world over. Rock & Roll History In The Fort Harrison It’s kind of nice when you find that your fellow countrymen have ties to the place where you live, especially when it tied to a building that has significance in your own life – I love the Fort Harrison and have been to many events there. Back in Suffolk in England,...

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Bad Jokes Make For Bad Advertising

New Adventure Travel Group Get A Rough Ride If there is a committee that decides what your advertising campaign should be, there should be some kind of checks and balances in place to make sure that you don’t make the kind of faux pas that makes you a laughing stock. Sure, some days you are going to have bad days – that is unavoidable, but there are some things which companies release into the public sphere that are so obviously bad ideas. A great example of an advertising misfire is the latest campaign from New Adventure Travel Group in South Wales where they had pictures of young topless models holding signs that said “Ride me all day for £3” – it got slammed pretty quickly for being sexist and inappropriate, and that can’t really be the biggest surprise, can it? Something that might seem funny as an idea shared at a water-cooler or over a beer should probably be looked at in a new light when it comes to the viewpoint of the intended audience. Whose Viewpoint Is Your Copy Written For? Are they going to get the joke? Is there the possibility of causing offense? With something like public transport, which is used by families and people of all different age groups, having something that alludes to prostitution on the back of your buses was never going to...

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Zuckerberg Gives Us Facebook Safety Check

Social Media Really Engaging I still use Facebook a lot, and I know a lot of others who do too. Sure, there was some attrition, but it is still one of the most useful networks out there for connecting to a lot of people easily, Zuckerberg is a smart guy and is always looking for ways that he can utilize all that data he has, and all that connectivity. He gets accused of megalomania once in a while, but he does great things like this that more than put a pin in the criticisms. Facebook Safety Check is a...

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Disney & J J Abrams Resurrect Star Wars

Star Wars Awakens With Force I have had what you might call a tempestuous relationship with the Star Wars franchise in the years since the re-edited versions began to emerge, and that led into the second trilogy of films. When I was growing up Star Wars was one of those things that was on TV at Christmas and had the same magical patina as Bond films and anything else that seemed to be reserved for this gift giving holiday. Going to the cinema was a rare thing back in the day, and I remember the few times I actually went and saw something at the movie theater. I loved Star Wars, but for the longest time had only seen the first film, until our local cinema, in some kind of coup I still don’t rightly understand, given the size of the theater, managed to get the whole trilogy shown. It still stands as a landmark in my life – one of almost mythic proportions … watching the trilogy actually compares with that Christmas where I got both the Millennium Falcon, and the AT-AT. Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm: A Marketing And Merchandising Juggernaut Returns I know there are flaws in the first trilogy, but I have some kind of mental block that prevents me from ever admitting that. The second trilogy is a different matter entirely – I hated so much...

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Apple Watch Ads Are Seductive

Apple Make Technology Sexy OK, so I have said that smart watches don’t really float my boat. Back when digital watches started to become a big thing (yes, I am old enough to remember that) I was a kid, and that kind of thing really got me whining at my parents for a new watch, but this “innovation” hit me as I felt there was a plateau in technology where the same ideas were just being reiterated on different sized screens. At some level portability and interconnectivity between things is sort of cool – I like the Internet Of...

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