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Author: Paul Grimsley

Radiohead: Blank Screen Advertising

Learn The Game And The Broke The Rules Having an internet presence is one way to publicize yourself and generate interest. Erasing said web presence is an interesting twist on how to use that power. If you are big enough doing something like that would generate a huge uptick in interest, wouldn’t it? A great way to get people interested. Radiohead have pulled off some real genius marketing coups in the past – one of the first big bands to do a pay what you want model, secret cd inserts buried under the tray, releasing solo albums on download...

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Beyonce’s Lemonade

Lemonade Is Something Different Done Well If you’re going to release an album these days and make any kind of splash with it – any kind of cultural impact – then you need to do something big, and you need to do something innovative. Beyonce brings us Lemonade – a visual album that premiered on HBO, and then appeared on Tidal, Jay Z’s streaming service. It’s Beyonce so, to a degree, people are always watching. She is pretty compelling, and though her personal life does draw some small amount of attention, it is most definitely her work that keeps...

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Prince’s PR And Purple Reign

Prince’s Was A Professional Who Kept His Good Deeds Private Bowie’s passing affected a lot of people. Prince’s death seems to be affecting, if not more people, then it seems to be affecting them in a different way – with their grief being of obviously purple hue. I am not sure the last time I saw roadside advertising hoardings given over to the mourning of a rock star. I loved Prince’s music, and that was pretty much as far as I dug into his life – it was enough for me that the music was there. I remember there...

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Re-shooting Movies Is Suicide

Suicide Squad Reshoots May Kill It Dead It’s funny how decisions get made on some of these big blockbuster movies – and the way they get treated really does make them seem more like product than pieces of art, which must be a really disconcerting experience for the director. This is of course a rumor, that Suicide Squad had million dollar re-shoots ordered to lighten its tone after less than favorable reviews of Batman Vs Superman and its super-serious mood. This is kind of odd given that Christopher Nolan’s Batman wasn’t particularly humor-filled, and the Frank Miller work which...

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The Role Of Fictional Presidents

There Are Some Fictional Presidents We’d Rather Vote For Presidents get judged in many ways, and the expectations we place on them, and the criticisms we level at them, aren’t just based on the records of their contemporaries or their predecessors. We see qualities represented on the big and small screen that we wish were represented in real life candidates. Fictional presidents and the ideas they represent give us a framework to explore the office of presidency that often transposes the hardships of past presidencies into a more contemporary setting, and then with some analogs of an existing President...

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