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Author: Paul Grimsley

No More Death Stars Or Reboots Please

Another Death Star Would Suggest A Movie Design Flaw It blew up, and it had a design flaw that made this possible. Great. The New Empire went ahead and built the third iteration of a bad idea and called it something else, but let’s not dress it up any other way – it was not exactly breaking new ground. It was OK for the reintroduction to the universe, but now we need to move on. I know how Wolverine was created – I do. You keep telling me like I have a memory problem. Oh, and wasn’t Spiderman bitten...

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Disruption: The New Lingua Franca Of Media

Shaking Up The Establishment Is Key For A Disruptor Disruption is the idea is that there are certain ways things are used, or certain ways things are done, and you are swimming against the flow, often in a way that is game changing. Is it a good thing? Depends what side of the fence you are sitting on.  That’s pretty much how it slices for you in terms of propaganda too. No one wants to be on the receiving end of a smear campaign. No one wants to be the victim of fake news. Fake news is the latest...

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Paint A Vulgar Picture – On Their Hands A Dead Star

“At the record company meeting On their hands – at last! – A dead star !” It’s an age old problem – how do you continue milking the cow when the cow has shuffled off the mortal coil? How do you market it? How do you capitalize on the investment you have made, and how do you do it tastefully? If the fans perceive that you are cashing in on the tragedy then you are going to find them angered by the newly unearthed songs that you have released two weeks after their favorite musician died. If they see...

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Closure In Media – A Double Edged Sword

A Franchise Being More Driven By Money Than Narrative Might Never End When someone sits down and pens a hit song they are hoping that they might somehow stumble upon a formula – that they will make hit after hit ad infinitum; at least some songwriters hope for this … for others it would represent a creative death. When you write a book and it sells well your publishers are going to tend to push you for more of the same – especially if you hit it big first time, because being out there and experimental entails doing the...

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The Proof Is In The Proofing

Even Professionals Make Mistakes Grammar Nazis aren’t proof-readers. Nitpickers aren’t proof-readers. Super-critical people who pick over the bones of your work and then post in the comments about how bad your proofing skills are, aren’t proof-readers. It does require some skill, but the other quality which a lot of people who do amateur proofing don’t realize that they need is a little humility. Why? Because even the best proof-reader is likely to make mistakes at some point. You train to eradicate blind-spots as much as you can; you research and discover tools that help you to better perform your...

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