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Copyright, Free Speech Vs. Hate Speech, And Other Interesting Internet Conundrums

What Is The Internet? Depends Who You Ask Do you spend much time thinking about what shape the internet is? Following on from that – do you expend much energy in wondering what it is that allows it to retain that shape? If it really is just a black mirror then surely all it does is reflect the world in microcosm, but then it doesn’t seem to me such a simple transliteration of all the dynamics of the world. The internet is its own thing – it puts its own spin on the whole shebang, and this comes from...

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Happy 4th Of July

Independence Day Is Here! Perhaps the irony of having the only English dude in the office write a piece on the 4th of July has dissipated somewhat. I’ve been here 10 years now, and learned pretty early on that wearing a red coat around this time was not a good thing. My first Fourth Of July was in New Orleans by the Mississippi, and while I have been to my share of Bonfire Nights in the UK, which are of a comparative size I suppose, given the scale of the surroundings – this was something else entirely. In the...

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Amazon Making Good On It’s Healthcare Idea

Whether It Is Ultimately A Success Or Not It Promises A Change What do people want? You have to imagine that Jeff Bezos is asking that a lot. Why? Because he seems to provide a lot of things that people need and want. Easier access to medication is definitely one of those things. A billion dollar commitment in the form of an acquisition of Pillpack, an online pharmacy, is a good indicator that they are moving on the e-health market. It was rumored to be happening a while back, around the same time that their move into finance and...

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Google’s Duplex Is On The Line

Is It AI? Do We Have A Problem, Dave? AI seems to me to be a misnomer for what we have right now. Some people working in the field of machine intelligence don’t like it because of the species derived chauvinism that it indicates. But if you look at the systems which are being touted as the advanced guard of the robot takeover, they are generally just very complex input output mechanisms. They aren’t having original thoughts – or if they are we aren’t using instruments or criteria that is calibrated to be able to detect it. We expect...

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Education Technology Is Receiving A Concerted Push

Education Technology Is Always An Exciting Frontier It is not like technology in schools is a new thing – I have after all been following an education technology newsletter for a couple of years now. I remember when there was some kind of deal going on with Texas Instruments for a few years with the schools I went to, back when the idea of electronic calculators coming in and replacing mental addition was considered some kind of harbinger of the apocalypse or some such. Computers for a long time were the preserve of those who joined after school clubs,...

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