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Author: Paul Grimsley

Sousveillance – With A Whimper Not A Bang

Sousveillance is the recording of an activity by a participant in the activity, typically by way of small wearable or portable personal technologies. Aug 30, 2016 Brave New World and 1984 got it wrong – a lot of dystopias do. We are the ones who are helping to build the ubiquitous surveillance system – we daily opt into it, signing away our rights and turning our devices into listening and watching devices, as we fail to read the EULAs and the small-print. We are even signing away the rights to our genetic data in perpetuity. The deluge of data on a daily basis gets...

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Innovation & The Evolutionary Necessity Of Moonshots – Thinking In Futures

If You Want To Get Anywhere, You Have To Aim Higher! You can of course choose to plod along, looking at your feet, thinking only of handling the problems that confront you in the here and now. Sure, there are engineering problems that need to be handled to make the present day more livable, but if you start thinking about where you want to be, rather than where you are, you may just end up solving the present problems along the way anyway. There are inventions that have helped mankind whose application wasn’t really the thing being aimed for,...

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13th Doctor Revealed & The Reactions

It’s kind of interesting to watch certain sectors of fandom implode when something happens to their franchise of choice that they do not consider to be canon – these are the same kind of people who complain when a band releases an album that is different from their previous output; who accuse a band who has a hit of selling out; who accuses a band known for different sounding music not always making something different sounding. In short, these are the kind of people who you cannot win with. For anyone who thinks the latest development in Doctor Who...

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Escapism Versus The Barrage Of Daily Disruption

People Need To Lift Their Heads Up, Not Bury Them Some people are taking a time out from social media – they are getting stressed out by the deluge of bad news, and the constant fighting between people who emerge from their echo chamber to make a lightning raid on the other camp and attempt to burn rather than capture their flag. The whole scene starts to get a little less friendly than it needs to be, and the added burden, like a moldering cherry atop the everyday crap people are dealing with, has to go. I am sure...

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Comic Books Don’t Need To Be Turned Into Films

Comic Books Aren’t Just Storyboards For Movies They do different things, and they bring very different things to the machinery of storytelling, and those who only ever interact with comic book stories through their movie versions are missing  out on a very unique experience. Warren Ellis has done filmic in his comic books, but he has done many other things that can only be done in a comic book. Grant Morrison, likewise, has conceived of projects that really wouldn’t translate easily. Scott McCloud in Understanding Comics really breaks it down. It is an interesting hybrid medium that is read...

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