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Author: Paul Grimsley

Keanan Kintzel At Don Cesar on St Pete Beach

Hey, here we are down at the Don Cesar in St. Pete Florida – what a gorgeous day it is. We just had fish tacos. It’s my 55th birthday, so we had a little sneak out, saw a couple clients in Sarasota, and now we’re in St. Pete and just wanted to say hi. And for those of you who’ve never been to the Don Cesar – what a what a magnificent treasure this is for all of Florida; you should definitely come by sit out on the patio, look at the Gulf, watch the dolphins, and eat a...

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Keanan Kintzel At The Black Crow

Keanan: Okay, here we are, what do you think honey? Keanan: Indian shores coffee best coffee on the beach Doria: Coffee Time Keanan: You guys ever been down here? Cute place. What did you get? An Espresso? Doria: Yes. Keanan: Oh yeah. What do you like about this place, honey? Doria: I like how it’s done. Keanan: The muffins? Doria: It’s so charming. Keanan: I kinda like the muffins. Home made. Ooh, look at that. Whoah, whoah, look at that. Okay. I like to smell them; I don’t eat them. Coffee’s great. What else do you like? Doria: Oh,...

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Keanan Kintzel, Marco Victorino – Columbian Invasion!

Keanan: Stee-rike, Caramba! Um, okay, but now tell me why you came to America. Marco: To learn how to play golf. Keanan: I don’t think Tiger Woods has to worry Keanan, like a lot of businessmen, likes to play golf. It provides the perfect place to get some exercise and to talk about business, and it has been used this way for a long time. Golf may represent one of the most archetypal ways of mixing business with pleasure, and it seems like, in terms of some business negotiations it is litmus test or rite of passage that is...

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Keanan Kintzel At Largo Southwest Rec Center

Okay, I’m going to try this again. Here we are at beautiful Largo outdoor pool; the Southwest Recreational Center. They got clay tennis courts, this beautiful Olympic sized pool, diving well. They actually did the 1994 or 2004, excuse me, AAU National Diving Association championships here. It’s a great facility – nothing better than November in Florida: getting a few laps in, keep the lungs clean, the heart beating. Anyway, seems like work goes better the more exercise that I get in, so I got to make this more of a habit. Anyway, hope you’re all having a great...

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Keanan Kintzel And Family – Ollie Learning to Skate

Keanan Kintzel knows that there is plenty to do in and around Pinellas County, because he travels around a lot and helps a lot of different businesses. He also developed Wabamm, which is a local activity search engine, that is designed to provide a positive and family-centric searching experience. Wabamm strips out the negativity that you can encounter when all you want to do is to find something for your family to do on the holidays or the weekends. Searching For Something? Go To Wabamm? It was built specifically for Pinellas County, and has proven to be very popular...

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