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Author: Paul Grimsley

Happy Memorial Day

Every Year This Day Celebrates Those Who Died In Service Of Their Country In England we observed Remembrance Sunday every year as part of our duties in the Cubs and then the Scouts, so it was something that I was aware of from an early age. Every year we would place a wreath of poppies on the war memorial in the town square. My Grandfather was in the Royal Engineers and served at Dunkirk, at the Normandy Beach Landings – and I recently learnt that his job involved building floating docks under fire for the Allied Troops so that...

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Compassionate Tech

What Problems Cannot be Solved If Energy And Care Are Applied To Them? Compassionate tech is apparently a big thing in the UK, where the tech sector grew 2.6 times faster than the rest of the UK economy. Private start-ups are using technology to help society’s most vulnerable people – giving them a way to get onto the runway where they might be able to secure a job and lift themselves out of the situation they find themselves. It’s not a bad idea – throwing people a lifeline that consists of something practical that can be applied to the...

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Here Together With Facebook Forever

Public Relations Isn’t About Spin, It’s About Honestly Promoting What You Have Done When you are working on fixing your reputation excuses are perhaps not the best policy, nor is glossing over it. If you can tackle it head on and provide real solutions to the problems you created then all the better. Sometimes you may just be able to talk about the good things you are doing now, because it is in the past and you can’t build a time machine to go back and undo it. If it appears that you are only doing something because you...

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Drug Free America – Pam Bondi & Keanan Kintzel

Drug Free America Are Helping To Handling The Drug Problem! Drugs are a problem that affect a lot of people, and with the wide-ranging issues caused by the Opioid Epidemic, and the over-prescription of psychiatric drugs, it is not just recreational drugs that are in the spotlight any more. Drug education is becoming increasingly important, and action is needed to really handle the problem. Organisations that provide real solutions and ways to implement programs that both help those addicted to drugs, and prevent the younger generation from getting addicted are vital. The Drug Free America  Foundation is right there...

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A Shift To Lyft

Lyft Over Uber? Lyft has good customer service, and half of that comes through it being fast and efficient. Uber has no real recourse for riders having issues in the field, other than slow burn emails that are unlikely to get answered in the kind of timeframe you need when you are stranded because of an error in your Uber app. Lyft drivers seem to be happier as well. Sure, you don’t get the notion that everything is necessarily perfect – but I have got the sense that driving Lyft is lifting the drivers out of situations that they...

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