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Author: Paul Grimsley

2018 Brings Healthier Donuts For Dunkin Donuts

Who wouldn’t want a job title like Manager of Doughnut Excellence? That’s what Ron Golden gets to call himself. In an age when  people are becoming more and more health conscious, and fast food has suffered repeatedly for the perception that it contributes to bad health and the obesity problem in the country, selling fast food is not as easy as it used to be. You either have to just embrace the fact that the food you are selling is unhealthy and go along the whole comfort food route, or you try and change something fundamental in the ingredients...

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Page Load Speed

Page Load Speed Is Important Ever sat there and suffered from a page that just doesn’t seem to want to load? Ever gone to a site and wondered if you have suddenly been transported back in time to a period when dial-up was the latest technology and you could go read a book while a website loaded? Back then no one really knew any different, so while it might have been a little frustrating, the expectation of speed was pretty low. Nowadays if you go to a site and it isn’t an instantaneous load it might be enough to...

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The Sackler’s – Makers Of Oxycontin, and Their Marketing Triumph

It is interesting that when it comes to psychiatric medication that the marketing is not necessarily the first thing that you think of, but brand awareness about the medication is something that pervades our culture. Some people obviously don’t see that there is an issue with this, but that often is going to depend on how or whether a drug is perceived to be problematic, and this often reliant on how well it was marketed and what share of the market it managed to convince of its efficacy. If you have a small group of people affected by something...

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Disney Imagineering And Girls Who Code

Disney Are Leading, As Other Industry Giants Should Disney do some interesting things, and that’s before you even get to the technology. Everyone knows this – you’d have to have been living in a cave like Luke Skywalker not to know Disney. Their art gallery in Downtown Disney is fantastic – with artists giving us brand new spins on old and established characters, and a whole variety of custom printing jobs available. Technology has been something that has been associated with Disney since Pixar first made its debut and probably even before that, but since that point they have...

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Extremism Tax – Making Social Media Platforms Responsible

Russian influence on social media was being dug into throughout most of last year, and the debate about hate speech versus free speech was also on the table – with social media companies being strongly urged to police their content better. Intellectual safe spaces have been de rigeur for a while now, and the lines are being drawn between those who see them as a necessary thing for people’s good mental health, and those who see it as more kowtowing to the thought-police proponents of political correctness. Gamergate and the #metoo campaign have done a lot to affect the...

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