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Author: Paul Grimsley

The Promise Of Blockchain

The way most people will have heard of the concept of a blockchain is in reference to Bitcoin, where it has been used to track and make secure the history of the evolution of the crypto-currency. It has been a really good testing ground for the functionality of the software, and given the technology affiliated nature of most of those involved in Bitcoin’s use and development, it was only a matter of time before other applications of the technology were looked into. Blockchain is branching out into other areas of functionality because the idea is flexible and has application...

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Uber And It’s Drivers Are Being Promoted

In the space of a ride you can get to know a fair amount about your driver. But it can often be a long time until you get a repeat ride with that driver, and some drivers leave more of a lasting impression than others. When you’ve been doing it for a while you might even develop something of a loose fitting friendship with your driver. Some of the new commentary on their profiles provides ice-breakers, and I found that some of the drivers I revealed these comments too were flattered and a little embarrassed by the fact I...

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Community Service Foundation – The Idea Of Carriage Housing

Solving problems is always going to involve a degree of innovation, and housing and homelessness are no different. The problem has been with us for a long time, so new thinking is needed, and the idea of carriage housing, along with the other solutions offered by the Community Service Foundation may be the answer. It is a problem that people want to solve, and this is why they are eager to get involved with the foundation. The Community Service Foundation has a long history of helping people to avoid homelessness and to get into affordable housing, which means they...

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Only Connect

When you look at all of the social media out there, what is its original intent? What was it designed to facilitate, and what is the thing that it has ended up distorting? Connection – between humans, in an analogue environment meant to replicate the way in which we interact in the real world. The thing is the failures of the digital world do little but make the failures of the real world more explicit. How is an algorithm any different to the shorthand thinking we employ to decide whether someone is worth spending our time on. Triage is...

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A Text To End Your Phone Contract

Phone companies aren’t always the easiest to deal with, especially it seems, in the UK where traditionally you have had to put a call in to the company you wish to leave. You get charged for a transfer period, and your transfer is delayed. Ofcom, who regulate telecommunications is putting a stop to it, and is helping consumers out. When 2.5 million people experience a problem switching providers, you can see how this might generate a lot of complaints. The notion that this won’t affect contracts with companies in the same way an earlier proposal would have, driving the...

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