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Author: Paul Grimsley

The Problem Of Privacy On The Internet

Big Data Drives Things In Unexpected Ways Data is big money, and you are constantly generating data trails wherever you move, and whatever you do. Go to and check out how much of your daily activity is recorded – the voice searches you did, the places your phone checked you in at, the apps you opened on your phone, the web pages you looked at. It starts to get a little perturbing. Who owns it? If you think you do you may be in for something of a shock when you find out how many people have access to all...

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Busted Hip Crippling The Critical Systems

Attack the hip to sound hipper. Point to the fact that someone is supporting the wrong charity, or how they have somehow failed to be as totally inclusive in their philanthropy as you have been. It’s interesting how this kind of bullying somehow slips under the radar, and it’s often written in a rhetorical way that invites no dialogue. It is the province of the snob, and increasingly seems to be the remit of the uncharitable or deceptively helpful critic, who just wants to help you out of your ignorance, you poor cultural hayseed. This failure of critical writing...

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When Presidents Endorse: The Pitfalls And Plus Points Of Presidential Favor

People Are Predicting President-Elect Trump’s Twitter Is The Thing To Watch President Elect Trump tweets that he supports you and likes your product. Suddenly droves of people on the other side of the political divide are running in the opposite direction, or in the case of New Balance customers they have been burning their trainers. Do these things balance out with the new attention from the President Elect’s followers? Do you replace one set of customers with a whole new set of consumers? Something similar has been happening with LL Bean, and the company is working hard to distance...

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Echo Chamber Confirmation Bias Feedback Loops & Other Symptoms Of Walled-Garden Culture

Feedback Loops Provide No New Information For An Audience, Diminishing Critical Thinking Who do you speak to? Do you seek out differing opinions? Would you say that you are well-informed about what people outside of your own small group of friends and associates think? The notion of the Dunbar Number is that we can only maintain 150 stable relationships socially, but has that number been shifted by social media? Or is the number of “friends” that you have a somewhat misleading figure? It probably boils down to the depth of the interaction – shallow interactions in the sense of...

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Media Bias Is The Stock In Trade Of The News Reporting Industry

It is interesting to me that media bias is suddenly popping up on some people’s radars due to, of all things, a perceived tendency to ignore Hillary Clinton’s faults, and to throw a spotlight on those of her competitor Donald Trump. When these same channels lambasted and continually showed disrespect to both the person and the office of President Obama, these same people were in agreement with the news coverage. Bias confirmation seems to be the primary measurement of how good a news service is these days. Bias confirmation rules the roost now – as people blow up in...

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