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Solution Based Writing

Practical Solutions Make Much Better Reading Than Articles Full Of Problems I am going to just say this straight up – articles which only float problems in your direction aren’t worth the time it takes to read them. They are the celery of writing – as much nutritional value gained as energy expended to consume them (this by the way is a metaphor only, I vaguely remember it may not be entirely correct). Positive media that shows you some kind of solution to the issue that is under discussion – that gives you something that you can take and...

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Dustin Miller Of Abstract Metal Design Interview

Dustin Miller Creates Beautiful Fine Metal Art Sculptures Inspired by the elements, Dustin Miller creates dynamic sculptures, that are durable and perfect for indoor or outdoor settings. Dustin has created works that are on public display around the country, and also he has created a number of sculptures that take pride of place in the collections of private art lovers. Working on both smaller and larger pieces, Dustin’s work is visually striking, and creates a real impact with the dimensions that it works in. The mix of compelling colors and the sense of movement in each of his pieces...

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Fake News Is An Oxymoron, Do You Mean Propaganda?

There Is No Fake News – It’s Either News Or Not When you are discussing something as vital as information then the exactness of words is an important thing to consider, and fake news, while it may be a trending term, and the favorite buzzword of a few very loud demagogues, is a phrase that is so flabby that it allows it to be misapplied all over the place. Fake news is the ALL CAPS slogan that gets slapped on news stories that promote a viewpoint that you don’t agree with. It is hard to have a conversation when...

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How To Write About Anything And Everything

Writing About The Problem Is A Way To Diminish The Problem Content writing – really good content writing, can convince you that the person writing it is possibly an expert from within the industry. It is not necessarily the easiest effect to achieve. Why? Because you have to research to a point where you can comfortably converse with someone that has perhaps been in an industry for a very long time, and you need to sound like you know what you are talking about. Underneath that you need to know what you are talking about. Then, after you have...

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No Substitute For Hard Work

Elbow Grease Is Only In Short Supply If You Don’t Apply It When I was growing up my dad had a ready supply of elbow grease, and I wanted some, because he seemed to keep going and I got tired out too quickly. I worked hard from an early age, and by that I don’t mean I had a job. What I mean is I was creating things from early on – I was working hard to get my art perfect, and I was writing stories, drawing comics, and reading as many books as I could get my hands...

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