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Author: Paul Grimsley

Keanan Kintzel At Clearwater Family Dental With Toola The Toothfairy Dolphin

Hey, good morning Here I am with the dolphin — check this thing out: it’s a tooth fairy dolphin; isn’t that the best! Clearwater Family Dental get my teeth fixed. What an awesome place – these guys know their stuff; if you need a dentist come on by! Keanan Kintzel, after having work done on his teeth, stops outside to talk with Clearwater Family Dental’s dolphin mascot Toola. Toola is a landmark in Clearwater, and is also a Pokestop for Pokemon Go. She is as recognizable as Clearwater Family Dental is popular. Clearwater Family Dental are a dentist office...

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Keanan Kintzel And Family Watch The Eclipse

Keanan Kintzel and his family traveled to Charleston, South Carolina to get a better view of The Great American Eclipse. It was the first time that a solar eclipse had been visible across the contiguous United States since June 8, 1918, and it was the first event of its kind since the advent of the mobile phone and social media. It was a well publicized event – maybe a little too much of the nature that if you don’t have your glasses your going to damage your eyes, rather than observe this great phenomenon, but there weren’t many people...

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A New Star Wars Trilogy by Rian Johnson – The Force Is With Him

For Over 30 Years This Franchise Has Been Growing – The Force Is With It! It’s been something of a roller coaster ride for fans of Star Wars from the release of the original trilogy to today. In England, for the longest time, pre-video, and pre-DVD it was inordinately hard to watch it. Star Wars was obviously expensive for the networks to get hold of, so it was always on at Christmas, and my memory of the whole set up, is that they would alternate between Star Wars and James Bond each year. Most of my Star Wars diet...

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From Pokemon To Harry Potter

Harry Potter May Be Bringing A Smackdown for Pikachu! So Ingress was super popular – and you’d see people all over the place playing it; the real world skinned with the environs of a virtual game. Then Pokemon planted its flag, and raised Pokestops all over the country, and people flocked in droves to play it. It was credited with getting people who were virtual lock-ins out into the world – families were united in their playing of a game that had a broad cross-generational appeal. Now Harry Potter is throwing his sorting hat into the ring. There weren’t...

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Keanan Kintzel At Opal Sands, Clearwater Beach

Here we are again; it must be a birthday thing – at the Opal Clearwater Beach. This latest jewel of a hotel: spectacular pools. Oh, look there’s my wife bringing me a beautiful refreshing water. Now you can see all the way down Clearwater Beach and I think we can get a view yeah – what a beautiful day. Happy birthday all you November Eighth people out there. Anyway, if you haven’t been to the Opal you should check-in. Keanan Kintzel travels around a lot meeting clients in the local area, and it is nice sometimes to take a...

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