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Author: Paul Grimsley

China Built A Social Media Control Mechanism For Its People

When You Track Yourself For Others, Who’s In Control Of The Data? Use what you have. Want to control the people? Connect them all up and then use them to monitor and regulate each other, reduce the burden on the state. This seems to be working in China. The dystopian social media of the kind depicted in Black Mirror is a reality for citizens in China. Surveillance is where people are monitoring you from outside, and sousveillance is where you basically track and upload your own data, and this new way of using social media that is being pioneered in...

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Zuckerberg And Cook And Facebook And Apple

Ethics Are Observable In Action Not Demonstrated In Words Watch how people operate under pressure and you can learn a lot about them. It wasn’t too long ago that Apple ran afoul of the intelligence services, when the FBI, due to an error on their own part, were forced to try and play hardball with the Apple CEO in order to get him to provide a weakened IOS so they could hack a phone and access the data of a terrorist. Cook came across as calm, collected, and principled – and he emerged looking good for his stance on...

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Thinking About Futures

Do People Still Ask What Will The Future Look Like? From what direction will the future come, and in what shape will it arrive? There are a lot of different areas that one might look for some early indications of emergent trends – such as those who work in the non-fiction field of Futurist, and write essays about what the demands of the present are going to do to impact the way that the game of tomorrow plays out. There are the science fiction writers who sit down and dream up futures where problems and solutions in their nascent...

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Digital Wellbeing And Apple

Technology Companies That Consider Their Consumers Wellbeing Will Lead The Way There is a new idea in town, or rather an old idea dressed in new clothes: digital wellbeing. How long do you spend sat in front of your machine? How in control of your digital environment are you? People often complain about the fact that as they walk around most people are totally sucked into their little black mirrors, constantly texting, or playing games, or watching something, or listening to something, and really not engaging with the world. It is a little like the previous generations that were...

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For The Man On The Street Or The Expert?

What Viewpoint Should You Be Writing To? Who is your audience? Do you ask that question before you create your content or craft your sales pitch? You may take a subject, and depending on who you are trying to communicate to, the substance may have to be very different. For instance, if you work in the tech industry you may be able to sit down and talk to another techie about all the ins-and-outs of programming, or about what the best hardware to use is. But when you have to sit down with someone who desires the functionality a...

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