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Author: Paul Grimsley

Societal Mediation

A Social Media Evolution May Be Underway Social media is just a set of tools that are bolted together and left to grow in the laboratory that is the world. A platform from which something is launched. A filter that mediates communication between people, with some algorithmic biases. Social media really is the black mirror – a screen that reflects back at people whatever aspects of their character they choose to display. Or it is an influencer in its own right that hides behind the idea of a free-floating hive mind that is left to be policed by the...

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Let’s Spread Some Good News

Just Imagine If Everyone Thought About Solutions Rather Than Problems This seems like an unlikely thing to be said in a meeting with any News Editor – that he tells you to go out there and dig up some feel-good stories. Bad News sells, right? That is the old adage that gets trotted out, but how true is it? Do people really want to just sit around and read about other people’s misfortune? That seems like a really sad state of affairs. Bad news – it distorts the picture of what is happening in the world. Think of the...

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Where Does The Future Of Journalism Lie?

Journalism Has To Have A Future, But Something Needs To Change As credible as Baron Munchausen, while thinking of itself as still as Woodward and Bernstein, journalism has been on the the ropes since the internet came along and started to change the environment all the old dinosaurs had been happily plodding around in. Talking heads and citizen journalism, where opinion was king, started to erode the platform of unbiased fact based journalism, and now when people think of the word they probably aren’t using the same definition that was in place ten years ago. Fake News, once known...

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Mystery – The Most Important Ingredient

Mystery Draws Them In … Ever watch a movie trailer and get the sense that you’ve seen all the best parts already? Ever looked at a book cover that is too literal with its illustration and felt like the whole story including the end is right there in your face? There is no mystery – you don’t have to have the experience beyond what you’re already seeing to find out anything, so why would you bother going beyond that point? It’s like when a friend tells you the end of a movie – the desire to go and see...

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Black Panther, Technology, And the Real Tech Start Ups In Africa

Black Panther Is A Very Important Addition To The Marvel Cinematic Universe T’Challa, better known as The Black Panther, in a solo venture, is a thing that has felt like it has been coming for a while, slowly building a head of steam. First introduced in Captain America: Civil War, and having undergone something of rebirth in the comics under the stewardship of Ta-Nehisi Coates, he is something really different in terms of black super heroes. The Black Panther gives us an African country that is on the cutting edge of technology, lead by a badass in a vibranium...

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