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Author: Paul Grimsley


America Has Many Great Holidays, Juneteenth Is Amongst Them Today is the celebration of a big day in the annals of American History, but it is unfortunate that not everyone knows about it. It is celebrated by African Americans especially, because it commemorates the Abolition of Slavery in Texas and the emancipation of enslaved blacks throughout the former Confederacy of the southern United States in 1865. It is also known as Freedom Day or Emancipation Day, and is marked by the singing of traditional songs and readings from celebrated African American authors. In 1980 Texas was the first state to make it an official holiday,...

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What Is The Buzzazz Hive?

An Amazing Digital Magazine It is an amazing digital magazine. that is the easy answer, and perhaps all you need, but if you want a little more, read on … The Buzzazz Hive is a digital magazine. It is a place where we look at popular culture and the world at large through the filter of a business lens. If it is an interesting subject and there is a story there, one of our writers will have an opinion on it, and a way of looking at it that you may not have thought about before. Our purpose is...

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Behind The Mac

Where Does the Purpose Behind A Product Drive It And You? I am not sure that I ever really saw a Windows or Microsoft advert that stuck with me. Windows was ubiquitous but never really aspirational or inspirational. I have Windows because it came on the computer I own not because I consciously made a choice to own something that was Microsoft produced. I don’t honestly think that the words I have to have a Windows computer have ever come out of my mouth. Is this just because Microsoft has traditionally been more of a software company? I don’t...

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Anthony Bourdain, I’m Sorry I Missed Out

Each Episode Showed Human Resilience And Humanity I am going to make a confession that is going to have anyone who was already in the fan club thinking I am a little bit of an idiot. Until this week I hadn’t actually watched any of Anthony Bourdain’s television shows, and even worse, I hadn’t read a single one of his books. I have owned Kitchen Confidential for probably ten years, and unfortunately I never plowed through enough of my book backlog to actually get to it. Some nights I sit there and I don’t want to watch another typical...

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Combating Trolls While Protecting Privacy

Anonymity And Criminality Are Not Intrinsically Connected Should anonymity on the net be done away with? Should lack of anonymity be imposed on people who commit certain offenses? It is something of a minefield that pulls in all kind of laws regarding privacy and freedom of speech on one side, and concern about people misusing the tool to abuse and attack others on the other hand. The integral role that the internet has played in some activism, and the suppression leveled against activists by both some sectors of the media and authorities, it is argued, makes this a bad...

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