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Author: Paul Grimsley

What Does GAFA Mean For Everyone?

Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon – they tower over civilization like the monoliths from 2001: A Space Odyssey, and this concerns some people. The European Union doesn’t like the control that these companies are exerting on the market, but they are fast becoming the infrastructure. How much of the internet is on Amazon Web Servers? 8.5 Million people out of 12 Million on the internet have Facebook – and Facebook has better facial recognition software than the government. Apple has a value that rivals the GDP of a small country. Google and its video site YouTube are the two largest...

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Step In The Ring – The Circle Arrives

Social Media Is Already Exploiting Some Of What We See In The Circle The Circle, the movie starring Tom Hanks and Emma Watson, showed a feature called Soul Search, where the network used its extensive resources, in terms of the people that were part of the community, to track someone down and get them arrested. This weekend Twitter enabled a similar feat to be carried out, when pictures of those allying themselves with White Supremacists in Charlottesville were circulated, with calls to identify them, and get them fired from their jobs, amongst other things. Doxing is the practice of...

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Letterman On Netflix

Letterman – longest running chat show host back in the game with Netflix! I am not sure why, but the idea of Letterman on Netflix excites me more than The Letterman Show ever did. I know it is a totally personal thing, but I seem to remember reading some interviews and watching things with him since he stepped down from the longest running show, and warming to him more. For some reason I always got the idea that the persona and the format were somewhat forced, and the feeling that it was canned laughter, even with a live audience...

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No Ghost In The Shell – What A Bad Remake Can Teach Us

Sci Fi Is Always About The Human Element, As Is Marketing! Take a classic movie and miss the point. Or rather, take a cult movie and miss the point; a cult manga too. When you take something that has so much source material – source material that has a proven track record of delivering stories that satisfy, and which deliver a rich experience and a convincing world that really explores the dichotomy of consciousness and and the physical body, and you manage to make a dog’s breakfast out of it, you get a double face palm. This is the...

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Sousveillance – With A Whimper Not A Bang

Sousveillance is the recording of an activity by a participant in the activity, typically by way of small wearable or portable personal technologies. Aug 30, 2016 Brave New World and 1984 got it wrong – a lot of dystopias do. We are the ones who are helping to build the ubiquitous surveillance system – we daily opt into it, signing away our rights and turning our devices into listening and watching devices, as we fail to read the EULAs and the small-print. We are even signing away the rights to our genetic data in perpetuity. The deluge of data on a daily basis gets...

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