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Author: Paul Grimsley

No One Does That Anymore – Marketing A Supposed Decline

Things Don’t Die They Just Get Repurposed Cassandras have always been around, but it wasn’t always so easy for these Chicken Littles to tell everyone about the sky-falling. When they start crying wolf now there’s always two choruses that pipe up – the naysayers and those that agree. But they have an easy audience, and a comment thread can become a pretty lively place – if not a particularly logical or reasoned out place. Rock and roll is dead. No one listens to jazz anymore. Virtual Reality is going to kill the internet, movies, and books, and traditional computer...

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Twin Peaks: The Return

It Is Happening Again It is the show that set the ball rolling for so many different threads of weirdness that came after, and yet none of Twin Peaks’ successors ever hit quite the same beats that Lynch and co were able to manage. It is one of those shows with the kind of visual and sonic palette that is always slightly off-kilter and capable of presenting a real sense of unease. The great thing about David Lynch is sometimes it is almost like you are never going to get a pay-off and he is just going to keep...

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Basquiat Stands Alone

The notion of the sell-out is always an interesting one to consider – what are you looking for when you set out to become famous, and what is it that you lose when you reach that career apex? A lot of people would say edge, hunger, relevance … typically all of the things that made you interesting in the first place. People who hit it big with their first album, first book, first whatever, often get hit with what is known colloquially as Sophomore Jinx. They can’t replicate what they did before, and the second effort falls flat, and...

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No More Death Stars Or Reboots Please

Another Death Star Would Suggest A Movie Design Flaw It blew up, and it had a design flaw that made this possible. Great. The New Empire went ahead and built the third iteration of a bad idea and called it something else, but let’s not dress it up any other way – it was not exactly breaking new ground. It was OK for the reintroduction to the universe, but now we need to move on. I know how Wolverine was created – I do. You keep telling me like I have a memory problem. Oh, and wasn’t Spiderman bitten...

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Disruption: The New Lingua Franca Of Media

Shaking Up The Establishment Is Key For A Disruptor Disruption is the idea is that there are certain ways things are used, or certain ways things are done, and you are swimming against the flow, often in a way that is game changing. Is it a good thing? Depends what side of the fence you are sitting on.  That’s pretty much how it slices for you in terms of propaganda too. No one wants to be on the receiving end of a smear campaign. No one wants to be the victim of fake news. Fake news is the latest...

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