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Author: Paul Grimsley

You Should Have An App! We Build Apps!

Apps Are Essential Apps are where it is at. Considering that a growing number of people who are interacting with your website are doing so through their phone, or that more and more people are using apps instead of websites to access the data and services that they use, why don’t you have an app? The quality of apps has increased a lot, and it  continues to keep rising, driven by Apple amongst others, and companies themselves, that want to give their users the best possible experience. Apps answer problems that people have, and they allow companies to more...

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Horizon Smart Glasses Give Blind Users A Virtual Guide

How Much Are You Helping People With Your Tech? Does your technology help someone? In some basic sense it probably helps in some way, even if its sole purpose is to provide escapism. But when you see something that could possibly change the way that someone lives their life, there is something that resonates about it. Every time something comes along with this potential it definitely reminds of what the true purpose of technology is. Gadgets and widgets are cool, and all the novelty items are interesting, but what kind of change are they going to bring about in...

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Cat Ears On Your Car Vending Machine

Technology Needs A Sense Of Humor Everything shall be automated. Some people posit this as being a bad thing, and some people celebrate the convenience it represents. A giant car vending machine for me is closer to the kind of future I want – there is humor there, and it provides a welcome relief from the dystopian overtones. Unfortunately the likelihood of being able to bump the vending machine and get an extra car is probably pretty slim. Wacky but practical machines is where we should be at, because to be honest the future seems fairly beige so far....

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More Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendly websites are the thing. People carry their computers around with them now in their pockets. They want to be able to find data on the go, so it makes sense that your website should be friendly to these devices. People do not want to have work to get the data from your site, and if it takes them too long to find it they are going to go elsewhere. More And More People Are Using Their Mobile Devices More people than ever are using their phone or mobile device to find things. A lot of searches are...

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Societal Mediation

A Social Media Evolution May Be Underway Social media is just a set of tools that are bolted together and left to grow in the laboratory that is the world. A platform from which something is launched. A filter that mediates communication between people, with some algorithmic biases. Social media really is the black mirror – a screen that reflects back at people whatever aspects of their character they choose to display. Or it is an influencer in its own right that hides behind the idea of a free-floating hive mind that is left to be policed by the...

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