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Author: Paul Grimsley

Keanan Kintzel of Buzzazz Out And About on Cleveland Street

By going out and about and speaking to people, you can find out a lot about an area. Keanan Kintzel has his business, Buzzazz Business Solutions, on Cleveland Street in Clearwater, and he frequents a number of the different shops up and down the street. He also supports a lot of local initiatives and events designed to improve the area and uplift the community. A lot of people do see the problems that the street suffers from, but they also see the good things that are happening in the area as well. It is all about striking a balance...

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Neil Young Still Rockin’ In The Free World!

I’m not sure that for me the name Neil Young immediately calls to mind the notion of cutting edge. I mean, I always think of him as being smart, and plugged into certain issues, but I have always kind of framed them in a notion of him as some kind of hippy rock star, but I have been selling him short it seems. To remain relevant for all this time you have to be doing something very right, and Young still surprises with his music, and is still held in high regard by fellow musicians. To be in artistic...

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Sunscreen Film Festival

The Sunscreen Film Festival Crystallizes The Best Of Florida’s Film Industry Buzzazz has always had a strong interest in helping the arts; a very strong purpose that has been forwarded by Keanan Kintzel at any opportunity. From the very first Buzzazz was a sponsor of the Sunscreen Film Festival, and built their website for them. The film industry in Florida has been a pretty exciting thing to watch, as it has grown , year on year, and continues to attract bigger and bigger names. If you look at the roster of famous people that have been in attendance at...

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Keanan Kintzel Meets Anne of Clearwater Farmer’s Market

Clearwater Farmer’s Market, People Want To Buy Local! Clearwater Farmer’s Market has always been a good thing for locals. A lot of people are always on the lookout for a good farmer’s market – there is a strong desire to support local farmers and to buy good local produce, and to buy from local artisans and to obtain local specialty products, and once a market establishes itself as a good source of this it can grow exponentially. There is a really good market for healthy food in Clearwater – there is a really good supermarket in Nature’s Food Patch,...

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Keanan Kintzel Of Buzzazz Business Solutions at MGE

Buzzazz Business Solutions works with many companies to help them to solve the problems that they are facing and to achieve their business goals. It is a purpose that they share with companies like MGE, who have done a lot to help Dentists to really expand their practices. Most companies really do, basically, just want to help people. You get into business because you have a product or a service that you think other people might want, because it is going to improve their lives. A company that fails to help people doesn’t stay in business for very long....

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