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Author: Paul Grimsley


Innovation Isn’t About Repackaging Or Rebooting Oh, Apple made a speaker. Apple made a slightly larger phone. Google made a speaker. Amazon made a speaker with a camera. There has to be some kind of disruption coming in the hardware field, because at the moment it is like copydrift. It hasn’t been this damned boring in a long time. But maybe we are happy to all just settle for tweaks over innovation; refinement over something that tears up the maps and gives you a total head re-wire. I do not dislike Tim Cook; in fact I respected him a...

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Political Not Polite, Direct Not Dissembling

Speaking your Mind Isn’t The Same As Telling The Truth, But There’s An Honesty In It In politics people seem to be done with being polite and holding back or diluting their opinions, and while some of the opinions expressed may be intolerable to people, at least the people speaking are being honest (well, to a degree). When someone steps into the political arena, and that may be as a politician, or as an entertainer (something that’s been happening a lot more lately it seems) they must expect to be dealt with in the same way as those operating...

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Time To Repackage – Operating In A Disruption Environment

Embrace The Chaos, Create Your Own Democrats on the back foot. Journalists hunkered down waiting for the next attack. Sure, some members of these groups are weathering the storm admirably, but on the whole they seem to have been caught flat-footed. Fake is the label affixed to most mainstream media outlets, and any that consider themselves serious operators need to have a seat in the West Wing Press Pool – and that just isn’t the guaranteed thing that it was. When you have been cast as the bad guys in a game where you are still trying to wrap...

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No One Does That Anymore – Marketing A Supposed Decline

Things Don’t Die They Just Get Repurposed Cassandras have always been around, but it wasn’t always so easy for these Chicken Littles to tell everyone about the sky-falling. When they start crying wolf now there’s always two choruses that pipe up – the naysayers and those that agree. But they have an easy audience, and a comment thread can become a pretty lively place – if not a particularly logical or reasoned out place. Rock and roll is dead. No one listens to jazz anymore. Virtual Reality is going to kill the internet, movies, and books, and traditional computer...

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Twin Peaks: The Return

It Is Happening Again It is the show that set the ball rolling for so many different threads of weirdness that came after, and yet none of Twin Peaks’ successors ever hit quite the same beats that Lynch and co were able to manage. It is one of those shows with the kind of visual and sonic palette that is always slightly off-kilter and capable of presenting a real sense of unease. The great thing about David Lynch is sometimes it is almost like you are never going to get a pay-off and he is just going to keep...

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