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Author: Paul Grimsley

End To End Encryption Isn’t The Problem

A lot of column inches have been given to the UK’s continuing crackdown on companies that use end to end encryption. This technology means that only the people communicating can read the messages, and that it can’t be eavesdropped on, even by the company providing the service. The UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd, whilst one of the most vocal opponents of the technology, admitted that she didn’t really understand how it worked. To admit ignorance and to then accuse the technology of enabling pedophiles and criminals seems more than a little problematic. She said she doesn’t need to understand...

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AI And The Future

It has been a staple of science fiction for a long time – from Robbie The Robot, through Hal, and the Terminator, Bishop in the Alien series, to the machines in The Matrix, to Ex-Machina, even Bender from Farscape. It’s always pretty bleak – as soon as something like Skynet goes live they start looking at all the things that man has done and then they decide that the only action that makes any logical sense is to eradicate the human problem. This attitude, and the notion that if we can create intelligence that it should be controlled, or can effectively be controlled,...

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Alternate Film Futures Or Why Sci Fi Isn’t A Predictive Medium

Science Fiction Is More Of A Gauge Of What Is Going On In The Current Day William Gibson isn’t particularly fond of being expected to predict the future. Warren Ellis often writes about how science fiction is more of a gauge of what is going on in the current day; that science fiction is a social fiction. Philip K. Dick, the author of Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? the basis for the movie Bladerunner was a bit more free and easy with what might happen in the future, but then PKD did an awful lot of drugs. I read an...

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Star Trek: Discovery – To Boldly Go

The movie franchise has been doing pretty well, and it was something of a gamble to reboot the franchise with new actors playing familiar characters from the original TV show, and first movie offerings. Enterprise served as a prequel to the first series and this is set 10 years before the original series. It seems a strange choice to keep going backwards along the timeline rather than moving forward and setting it somewhere after Next Generation. It definitely isn’t the easiest thing to build something new and forego the familiar, projecting out from what some people see as a...

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Pushback Against the Gig Economy

Is The Gig Economy Inevitable? Airbnb is not popular everywhere nor with everyone – as seen in a recent spat with the Hotel Association of New York City. Uber’s battles have been perhaps even more public; with the parties involved seemingly even more vitriolic. The people who use them love them though, and they have changed things for a lot of people – users on both ends of the equation. People with seasonal jobs or working jobs that don’t quite pay the bills have jumped at the chance to supplement their income and make their money in this way. It...

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