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Author: Carl Bennett

What the Hell is Search Engine Optimization anyway?

And the most confusing of all is Search Engine Optimization. It’s really quite brilliant, the marketing of confusion can assure an established book of business for years to come. In today’s information age its more competitive than ever to retain clients no matter the industry. So why not confuse them and have them pay hundreds of dollars a month for this elusive thing called Search Engine Optimization?

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Politics and Marketing: A time for change?

Politics and Marketing: A time for change? In November, Americans will get to apply one of the most basic and valued of democratic freedoms… the right to vote. As we get closer to the end of another election, it’s clear we are in the middle of one of the most animated and costly elections of our generation. We are hopefully witnessing the last extremes of a style of politics and campaigning that came into being during the 60s, and that should have gone out of existence by now. I am not making a statement of support here, and I...

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Miss Universe: The Steve Harvey “Accident” was a marketing Miracle!

Was it intentional or not?  Many people have theories as to who made the mistake or if it was a mistake at all! By now you know what happened. Steve Harvey called the wrong country’s name and crowned Colombia as Miss Universe.  He scrambled to apologize and made sure you “knew” it was his mistake and the card had the correct info….. But later on his Snapchat account, Steve Harvey complains that the teleprompter had the wrong name on it.  It would make sense that he was not paying attention to the card, and just read off what the...

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