Was it intentional or not?  Many people have theories as to who made the mistake or if it was a mistake at all!

By now you know what happened. Steve Harvey called the wrong country’s name and crowned Colombia as Miss Universe.  He scrambled to apologize and made sure you “knew” it was his mistake and the card had the correct info….. But later on his Snapchat account, Steve Harvey complains that the teleprompter had the wrong name on it.  It would make sense that he was not paying attention to the card, and just read off what the teleprompter told him to say.


But who and why would anyone mess with the teleprompter?  And why would he take responsibility for such an emotional mistake?  What if I told you this “mistake” was done on purpose just to make Miss Universe relevant again?   Think about it … beauty pageants are somewhat of a relic from a more sexist time.   Very few people even knew that the Miss Universe Pageant was going on.  Look over the past few years the ratings have been in a downfall.  However there was a massive surge for the 2015 pageant for a couple of reasons; Donald Trump who owned the Miss America Pageant from 1996-2015 was forced to sell it while recovering from some bad PR during his run for presidency.  And the massive amounts of PR received over Steve Harvey’s “Mistake” making this the best year since 2004.   So what are some lessons we can learn from the Miss Universe’s marketing team?  Visibility is EVERYTHING; if people aren’t talking about you they don’t know you.


Let’s look at some numbers!  The results for the 2014 Miss Universe pageant = 53,900,000 (with many of those being from the recent month) 2004 Miss Universe Pageant which happened to hold the highest ratings before 2015 = 16,100,000.   NOW let’s take a look at the current results for the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant = 79,300,000 and growing!


So what would have been just another boring Miss Universe Pageant that no one cared to watch, turned into one of the hottest worldwide topics of 2015.  If that isn’t some brilliant marketing then I don’t know what is……  But I am leaving this up to you to decide whether this was done intentionally or not!