What the hell is search engine optimization anyway?  And what does it mean for my business?

This is the question I hear all the time, and what is surprising is that most business owners here in Clearwater are too afraid to ask!  “How can I win clearwater search engine optimization?”  In all reality, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask this question, I tell my clients all the time that the best marketing for marketing companies is the marketing of confusion!  Confused yet?  Yea me too…..

And the most confusing of all is Search Engine Optimization.  It’s really quite brilliant, the marketing of confusion can assure an established book of business for years to come.  In today’s information age its more competitive than ever to retain clients no matter the industry.  So why not confuse them and have them pay hundreds of dollars a month for this elusive thing called Search Engine Optimization?

Its no secret that if you win on the internet your business will succeed!  Many billionaires have been made by leveraging the power of the internet.  But how?  It’s not as complicated as “What came first the chicken or the Egg?”  It’s as simple as people need to find you… yea, your thinking “Duh”!  But if it were that easy you would be doing it right.  What if I told you that its actually pretty simple and you don’t need to “trick” the internet or Google.  And an even crazier thought… what if you could do it without these long-term contracts and outrageous monthly fees?   Do I have your attention yet?

So let’s start with what Search Engine Optimization means: “the methods used to boost the ranking or frequency of a website in results returned by a search engine, in an effort to maximize user traffic to the site” as defined on Dictionary.com.   So let me break this down, Google is undeniably the authority on internet searches and they make over 75 billion dollars per year on their revenue just from Google AdWords.  They want to protect this and continue to grow the number every year so they want to be sure that the 40,000 searches being made every second worldwide go through their website.  To ensure that people come to their site they want to be positive that when you search for something that you will find the most relevant information on the first page.  Since statistically speaking only 30% of the online traffic click on an ad they need to be certain that those search numbers stay high.  So, if you want to win Clearwater Search Engine Optimization you will need to offer the most relevant information on that subject.

This breaks down into a few steps provided you want to do this the right way;

  1. Offer unique content on the subject, in this case Clearwater Search Engine Optimization.
  2. Site Architecture; page keywords, html code, titles, etc…
  3. Trust, Authority, and site identity
  4. Link Building and ranking
  5. Traffic

When your site is built out properly this is very easy for a business owner to manage with a little time.  If your site’s architecture isn’t designed properly it could be nearly impossible to make head way.  You must also be aware that other businesses are trying to win “Clearwater Search Engine Optimization”.   And it can be tempting to want to use trickery or just pay someone money every month to do this for you but those aren’t the only options!

It is important to remember that just like your business, what works for others will not necessarily work for you.  So be creative!  If you want to win “Clearwater Search Engine Optimization” you are going to need to really want it!

So if you are intrigued to learn how your products or services can be found online for very little cost contact me for a 100% FREE and commitment free consultation!

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Carl Bennett

Strategic Marketing & Advertising Expert – Clearwater Search Engine Optimization Expert

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